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Probably the answer is "Larry Ellison, and he got bored".

I forgot to mention one of the weekend WINs that made me grin particularly hard: I saw not one but two Bugatti Veyrons in a car dealer showroom. One was red, the other black; both were used. But I'm guessing that even a used Veyron is not exactly cheap, yeah? Given the low production numbers, I'd expect them to hold value. (I declined to ask about price, though the dealer did ask Mr P if he were interested. Mr P has that look about him. Ha.) I did wonder about the stories behind the cars. Who bought them? How many miles did they drive before they decided that the top speed was something they'd never see? What are they driving now instead? Is it anti-climax?

I think James May was the perfect driver to take it up to its top speed. That review wanted the numbers and the geeky appreciation of amazing engineering that May brought to it.
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Two?? Really?? What are the odds? And, yes, it would be very interesting to know the history of them. What the hell would you trade it in for?????

Definitely needed to be May for the test drive. He was so cute. :)
We were gawking at the cars in one of the Silly Valley's higher-end high end car dealers, so the place was full of wild stuff. But yeah, two Veyrons? One would have been surprising enough! The most exotic of the exotics, the most super of the super.

I asked myself, if I had $1.5 million, what would I spend it on? How many millions would I have to have before I would spend it on one of those? Because it's cool, but could you drive it anywhere? Like, say, across town to grab some dinner?