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Scoring the weekend

WIN: Cleaning the garage.
WIN: Booking a hotel room for me & sahiya for WriterCon.
WIN: Two people have bid on fic from me with Sweet Charity.
WIN: Waitress at regular restaurant teasing Mr Pedia about needing a haircut.
DELAYED: Registering for Con*strict & booking a hotel room. I plan to do both tomorrow.
FAIL: Reading my flist.
FAIL: Fixing bugs in various software projects.
FAIL: Going to kickboxing class on Sunday morning like I had planned.
FAIL: Keeping up my daily word count for my Big Bang story.
FAIL: Feeling the earthquake this morning (4.6-ish, south of San Jose), though I was driving at the time, so really I couldn't have.

FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL I fear on the whole concept of Big Bang. But not on this story, which is chugging along fairly well at its own pace. And will be finished. Because apparently I love writing Ethan Rayne's point of view, and also the story has bitten me. I want to find out how it goes for my own fun. It's just... not progressing fast enough for the time I've got. Sigh.
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