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Scoring the weekend

WIN: Cleaning the garage.
WIN: Booking a hotel room for me & sahiya for WriterCon.
WIN: Two people have bid on fic from me with Sweet Charity.
WIN: Waitress at regular restaurant teasing Mr Pedia about needing a haircut.
DELAYED: Registering for Con*strict & booking a hotel room. I plan to do both tomorrow.
FAIL: Reading my flist.
FAIL: Fixing bugs in various software projects.
FAIL: Going to kickboxing class on Sunday morning like I had planned.
FAIL: Keeping up my daily word count for my Big Bang story.
FAIL: Feeling the earthquake this morning (4.6-ish, south of San Jose), though I was driving at the time, so really I couldn't have.

FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL I fear on the whole concept of Big Bang. But not on this story, which is chugging along fairly well at its own pace. And will be finished. Because apparently I love writing Ethan Rayne's point of view, and also the story has bitten me. I want to find out how it goes for my own fun. It's just... not progressing fast enough for the time I've got. Sigh.
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Good luck, and good cheer for your WIN items.
There was much hilarity from Extremely Small Dogs assisting with the garage-cleaning process that made the whole thing more fun than it ought to have been.
The story biting and progressing is a big win. I think that's its own thing, independent of the Big Bang.

(and from this .0001% of your flist, the only thing you've been missing is actor death announcements, so no worries.)

wait, I lie
Death announcements and squee over KateKat's fic posters, which I do commend to your attention when you need a procrastination tool have a chance.
Re: wait, I lie
I am very sorry to hear about the death of the AtS actor. Tragically young. Sigh.

And KateKat's movie posters knock my socks off. Seriously wowed by them. You scored with the Wild Iris posters!
Re: wait, I lie
Aren't they excellent? And yes, I lucked out big-time.

Wishing you writing mojo!
Hey, waitress-teasing-Mr.P has got to be total win! Sorry you didn't get to kickboxing, also total win. And yeah, that story has bitten me badly too - it is such a good concept. Go forth and write with glee! (If possible, kinda like giving birth with glee, notsomuch.)
This Sunday, kickboxing for sure. I like the concept. Probably I'll be too busy sweating and gasping for breath to enjoy the idea of kicking somebody's head off.