Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

And that's a wrap. Probably.

I just updated the Buffyverse kink meme master list with the 44th prompt response. Number 44 was a lovely happy pot-scented thing with Giles, Ethan, and Xander. I doubt we'll see response number 45 unless I undertake a new round of promotion, which I'm not feeling up for at the moment.

A successful kink meme? Moderately. It didn't get the response rate I'd hoped for, but all the responses we did get were awesome. High quality, character-driven smut. I was wondering if maybe we should have had a take-a-prompt, leave-a-prompt policy, or closed it down to new prompts while so many prompts were waiting unloved. But then, why overthink it?

I wrote, er, nine prompt responses, some of which I fessed up to and some of which I haven't. Though really, I've already put my name to the ones that made my own eyebrows rise. I wrote new pairings and I tried some stylistic shifts, which was fun. I see that the esteemed drsquidlove has claimed a few as well.
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