teh sex

And that's a wrap. Probably.

I just updated the Buffyverse kink meme master list with the 44th prompt response. Number 44 was a lovely happy pot-scented thing with Giles, Ethan, and Xander. I doubt we'll see response number 45 unless I undertake a new round of promotion, which I'm not feeling up for at the moment.

A successful kink meme? Moderately. It didn't get the response rate I'd hoped for, but all the responses we did get were awesome. High quality, character-driven smut. I was wondering if maybe we should have had a take-a-prompt, leave-a-prompt policy, or closed it down to new prompts while so many prompts were waiting unloved. But then, why overthink it?

I wrote, er, nine prompt responses, some of which I fessed up to and some of which I haven't. Though really, I've already put my name to the ones that made my own eyebrows rise. I wrote new pairings and I tried some stylistic shifts, which was fun. I see that the esteemed drsquidlove has claimed a few as well.
I started working one Spike/Dru prompt, but so far all I've managed to write is about 1000 words worth of plot and no smut. I fail at kink-memes :(
I have to admit, I love the kinkmeme, and still check it regularly hoping for more responses. It drew me out of fanfic retirement (at least temporarily) and really was a great writing exercise when I was struggling creatively on other projects.

I am disappointed that there hasn't been more responses, even more shorter responses as people dabbled, but every response was so great...

So, I still hope for more, but I'm also thankful for what we got. :}

And the latest Happy Pot Giles/Ethan/Xander was soooo worth the wait. Wonderful! Go read it.

That was one the wacky things about this particular meme: lots of long responses, not a lot of shorter drabbly things. Though some of *those* were just sharp writing. I love love love the one with Giles thinking about Wesley's hands.

It went very well. You can't compare it to a shiny new fandom.

I also would like to have seen ten times as many responses, or better yet thirty times. But as you said, there was some serious quality there. I'm glad you didn't close down prompts; new prompts kept it simmering when there were no new responses.

I did eight all up. Really had a go at Xander and Larry in the locker room, but couldn't get the smut started.

Yeah, you're right about not comparing to Heroes or Merlin or any of those new fandoms seething with the fresh squee. It was good. I had fun. I hope all the participants did too!

Generally I find that over-controlling stuff in fandom leads to un-fun, except when it's completely necessary for a smooth experience. Telling the difference, yow. I'm not really cut out to run the events that need the regimentation, I suspect. I like mellow.

I've got a file with a bunch of fizzed-out prompt responses that maybe will go somewhere someday.
I have a bunch of partials, too.

And I keep thinking that some afternoon when I'm stuck in revising what I'm working on or need a break, I can pull one out, finish it, and post it.

So...I like knowing the prompts are still there, and that if I'm thinking that, maybe others are, too.

I can hope, right?

I had a lot of fun with the two I did. And I still have two prompts in my "mixed notes" file to get to whenever I find the inspiration.

And of course there were quite a few responses I really enjoyed.

So, thanks for starting it. And I think some more responses may dribble in over time.