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Revelations tarot

The MoonBought a new Tarot deck: the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. His style made me jump up and down when I saw it. Check it out; images from the entire deck are online. E.g., 8 of Swords, Hierophant, Hanged Man. I like his court cards a little less, but overall a wonderful deck.

I looked at a few others when I was at the newage shop buying incense. Nothing else stood out.

Tinkered with the tarot story this morning before heading in to work. The current writing problem there is choosing the cards for a reading. One doesn't want to be on the nose. Prophecy is most fun when the people it's inflicted on have no clue what it's talking about. Or when they guess wrong. And then there's the ever-popular story option of "attempts to avoid fulfilling a prophecy actually bring it about".
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