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Opinionate: semicolons or commas in that first sentence?

So, the Sweet Charity site baffles me constantly: I never know when the sign-up period is open, I never know when the auctions are running, and I can't figure out how to bid. But this time the flist clued me in that it was time to sign up, and I got myself in there. If you can figure out how to bid, you can commission a story from me. All funds raised go to a charity chosen by the site. This time around the charity is RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization.

I'm offering 1 story, Giles-related, no songfic, to be delivered July 1 or something like that. Your pairing or none, your prompt. Look for "antennapedia" in the for-sale list. The bidding runs Saturday, March 28, to March 31 this time, if I read the site correctly.

I'll remind you when the bidding starts. If I remember it myself.
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