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A milestone. Or a millstone. Or something.

I just committed change #1000 into my fiction subversion repository. The checkin note reads:

Change 1000 by antenna on 2009/03/21 22:13:18 PDT

    "The Blood Lord" or maybe "The Bloody Sword" or maybe "Giles and Ethan
    Go To Hell" is now at 9425 words including the outline. Probably 6K
    words without. This is pathetic, but better than where it was last
    week at this time. The first two sections have nearly all the writing.

        M /geb_hell.text

As you can see, I'm having my usual trouble with titles. Here, I give you my uber-prosaic section titles: Descent / Passage / Discovery / Attempt / Retrieval / Recovery / Revenge / Ascent.

The very first checkin has this note: "Let's get this stuff in the repository, shall we? For safety." Off-site backups FTW.
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