Procrastination techniques

You don't want to know how many of these I've already resorted to.

  1. Working on the perfect writing soundtrack.
  2. Cleaning up the tags on my music collection.
  3. Sorting my BPAL imps alphabetically.
  4. Fixing minor bugs in my fic archive software.
  5. Cleaning the garage and putting away the husband's latest tool explosions.
  6. Spring-cleaning.
  7. Taking a long hot bath with a glass of the Macallan on the edge of the tub.
  8. Playing WOW.
  9. Finishing the three novels I started reading recently then wandered off bored from.
  10. Watching more BSG.
  11. Working on another story. Any other story.

Oh, gawd, I'm going to have to write, aren't I. Comfort me.

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Have you checked the expiration dates on all your medications and vitamin pills? /saves the day
I just invented an urgent new one! Ripping CDs from my collection that I foolishly haven't ripped that might just be perfect for the writing soundtrack. Maybe.
*pet* *pet*

S'all good, bubby. It's good to take a break, mull things over. The words will come.
See, the thing is, I can dream through this story any time I like. But if I want to share it with you guys, I have to figure out how to get the words right. I need the words that evoke in your head something approximating the dreams happening in mine. And oh man, that's hard work. And impossible, because what you'll experience when you read is not going to be what I fell asleep every night this week thinking about. Because you're you and I'm me, and never shall our minds meet, not truly.

But I have to do it anyway. Because, well, just gotta.

i feel your pain so much it makes my head hurt.

but... writing can be done. i believe. i believe. i believe.
Can't. Am obsessed. Hey! You're supposed to be *helping* me with this one, not talking me into writing other things!
Just write something, we will read & cheer, your subconscious will work on it. Take a day off, re watch fun eps. of season 5. Relax, you're going good.
What colour horses?
Why not write something quick and dirty? Just for fun? Like the daily ficlet challenge stuff? You know, to clear your head. Or, depending on weather, you could just hop on your bike and ride over to Half Moon Bay. Or, better yet - do you have a tank bag or something that will fit your laptop? :)