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It's sunglasses and shirtsleeves weather in northern California.

The difference between me and you, oh flistians: I have no idea who Loreena McKennit is, but have been thinking that a few tracks from Trentemøller's The Last Resort would fit in well with the current writing soundtrack. Also, as the music field from that post hinted, "In Dark Trees" from my favoritest recording ever, Another Green World. I don't have Music for Films on my writing computer at the moment, but I'll probably shuffle around files so I can include it. My disk is full of shoegaze at the moment, but this calls for thick analog synths in a cinematic mood.

Getting the writing playlist for a story just right pays off when I can do it. It's a shortcut way to get myself into the correct headspace for writing and for the mood of the specific story. To this day the sound of Eluvium's "Amreik" gets me instantly into the headspace of "Dust on his hands from the sky".

Writing proceeds. Mostly I've got my head down and in the mess of prose, though I did have a conversation with Mr P over dinner last night about some character arc issues. My outline is entirely plot-focused; I have ideas about what the characters want and how they change, but I haven't committed ideas to paper yet. I have enough to leap around in the story writing whatever parts attract my attention next.

Mostly it's a race pitting me against the due date.

citroen:Writing> wc -w geb_hell.text | xargs
25 days until 2009-04-12. 18% complete at 5464 words.
You must write 981 words per day.

Despite the shippiness of the inciting ficlet, this one is mostly going to be gen in mode. Ethan will be pondering his past relationship with Giles a bit, but it won't be resumed in this story. Not exactly. I think that whatever sex there is in this one is going to be dark and not particularly fun. And not occuring among the principals.

Poll #1367825 Meta-wittering

Fic wittering?

It's the price I pay for the stories.
I would prefer periods of glassy silence between stories.
What? You said something?
Couldn't you write ficlets instead of wittering?
I like it. Oh, yes, er, I think that some of the metaphysical imagery is particularly effective.
Ramble on!

Birthdays! I missed some birthdays! tx_cronopio, spiralleds, and nelldance, I hope you had the loveliest of days, with appropriate celebratory food and loved ones both four-footed and two-footed to share with.
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