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Fannish things I have done since we last chatted

  1. Wrote 3000 words of story outline. Plot-focused. Am tempted to revise the outline, but I think I'm going to write the 5000-word introductory section before I do so.
  2. Designed pleasingly strict organizing principle for story, which can help when I'm stuck and be ignored when I'm on fire.
  3. Wrote little script that tells me what my current word count means for future writing. Sample output:
    citroen:~> 0
    31 days until 2009-04-12. 0% complete.
    You must write 967 words per day.
  4. Did the Crossfit Jackie. Well, okay, not strictly fannish, but wonderfully mind-clearing.

Things to do next:

  • Rewatch "The Gift". Anticipatory wince.
  • Dig books on medieval life from shelves. I think I know where they all are.
  • Answer comments/emails from yesterday.
  • Pay for Constrict membership. Book hotels for Constrict & WriterCon.
  • Eat a late lunch. Possibly with martinis.

Random: How about a nice rousing story of a diamond heist to enliven your day?

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