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Facing realities.

In order to reach the Buffyverse Big Bang artist draft due date with this story (April 12), I need to write 1000 words a day starting now. Slightly more because I will need to take the next day or so to write the outline in more detail, since that will let me leap around through the story and write disconnected bits with confidence.

Ready steady go. 2 hours of work tonight should get me most of the way to an outline.

I have had a chat with myself tonight about my own priorities, and I admitted that the fiction-writing has to win with me. Therefore the reality is I'm going to need to plead with y'all for a buffy_bigbang co-admin who can sweat details and rally troops while I deep-end on the story. It's not like I've been a big thrill as a ficathon admin thus far. Sigh.

Anybody out there in the mood to rescue me? The big looming task that I know I'm weak on is the recruiting artists part. (I'm pretty good at doing assignment matchup sudoku.)

Also reality, given deadlines: There will be no spring_with_xan for me. Must. Chase. Story.
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Can a lurker help? I would volunteer, but have no artistic cred. Emailing, author-sitting I can do.
Crap, I completely forgot to sign up for the Big Bang. Are the artist sign-ups still open? (if not, I can volunteer as a back-up artist if needed)
The artist sign-ups are still open. My theory was, leave those open until the last possible minute, because work doesn't begin for artists until the writers hand something over that's illustrate-able.

So the interesting date for artists is April 12: the day that writers are supposed to hand me illustration drafts.
What would the duties of a co-admin be? I don't know anything about the fanart community myself, so I wouldn't necessarily be any better at that, but I could take some of the hassle off you.
Er, motivational posts? Check in posts? Warning people in advance of deadlines? Promotional posts in various noticeboard comms as the artist deadline approaches (the publicity aspect). Then there's matchup sudoku and dealing with whatever complaints artists have about their assignments. Then there's figuring out how we're going to post it all.

I'm a little worried about people's progress. I know we have one person who's already finished their story, one co-mod who is going to drop out, and me in mid-thrash. What's everybody else's status?

I told you I'd do art...although I don't promise it won't be photoshop at this point but you gotta give me some lead time girly.
Re: Hurm...
April 12 is when the writers hand me drafts that are supposedly finished enough to have illustrations done (any edits that follow won't be major changes). Then I think there are 6 weeks for artists to work? Something like that.

I've been looking at the art done by the HP fandom and weeping in envy. Just weeping.