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Facing realities.

In order to reach the Buffyverse Big Bang artist draft due date with this story (April 12), I need to write 1000 words a day starting now. Slightly more because I will need to take the next day or so to write the outline in more detail, since that will let me leap around through the story and write disconnected bits with confidence.

Ready steady go. 2 hours of work tonight should get me most of the way to an outline.

I have had a chat with myself tonight about my own priorities, and I admitted that the fiction-writing has to win with me. Therefore the reality is I'm going to need to plead with y'all for a buffy_bigbang co-admin who can sweat details and rally troops while I deep-end on the story. It's not like I've been a big thrill as a ficathon admin thus far. Sigh.

Anybody out there in the mood to rescue me? The big looming task that I know I'm weak on is the recruiting artists part. (I'm pretty good at doing assignment matchup sudoku.)

Also reality, given deadlines: There will be no spring_with_xan for me. Must. Chase. Story.
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