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Tomorrow it'll hurt. By "it", I mean my entire body.

Today's workout: the Crossfit Angie. 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, done for time. I did jumping pull-ups and kneeling pushups, as usual. My time was worse than before, because it turns out I did crunches the first time and full sit-ups this time. Which explained why I felt like I might be revisiting my breakfast somewhere along the way this morning. Sit ups are murder.

Do those numbers sound insane to you? Impossible? I assure you they aren't.

My trainer distracted me throughout by talking to me about BSG. He's a big fan. Mr P & I started watching the pilot last night and I can see why people are nuts about this show. It's great. Just plain good writing. And it's sort of fannish in inception: "Okay, here's the premise of a cheesy 70s skiffy space opera. What if we played it straight?" (Please don't spoil me in the discussion here. I am totally unspoiled, except for vague memories of the original.)

Meanwhile, I'm pondering shifting my Big Bang story, because my theory is that this level of mental excitement and engagement shouldn't be wasted. I just don't know. And I have to sign up for this year's spring_with_xan and finish the barrow wight story. Bleat. I need to make a schedule for myself.

Random: This weekend's musical discovery is Gui Boratto, a Brazilian electronic musician who records for Kompakt. Most of his output is a bit too minimalist and glitchy for me, but I love two of his tracks greatly. You can listen too: "Beautiful Life" and "Besides". Available on iTMS and BeatPort.
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