Tomorrow it'll hurt. By "it", I mean my entire body.

Today's workout: the Crossfit Angie. 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, done for time. I did jumping pull-ups and kneeling pushups, as usual. My time was worse than before, because it turns out I did crunches the first time and full sit-ups this time. Which explained why I felt like I might be revisiting my breakfast somewhere along the way this morning. Sit ups are murder.

Do those numbers sound insane to you? Impossible? I assure you they aren't.

My trainer distracted me throughout by talking to me about BSG. He's a big fan. Mr P & I started watching the pilot last night and I can see why people are nuts about this show. It's great. Just plain good writing. And it's sort of fannish in inception: "Okay, here's the premise of a cheesy 70s skiffy space opera. What if we played it straight?" (Please don't spoil me in the discussion here. I am totally unspoiled, except for vague memories of the original.)

Meanwhile, I'm pondering shifting my Big Bang story, because my theory is that this level of mental excitement and engagement shouldn't be wasted. I just don't know. And I have to sign up for this year's spring_with_xan and finish the barrow wight story. Bleat. I need to make a schedule for myself.

Random: This weekend's musical discovery is Gui Boratto, a Brazilian electronic musician who records for Kompakt. Most of his output is a bit too minimalist and glitchy for me, but I love two of his tracks greatly. You can listen too: "Beautiful Life" and "Besides". Available on iTMS and BeatPort.
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First off, I'm mightily impressed with your fitness!

Secondly, YAY BSG! I always love it when someone else finds the show. You have hours of gut-wrenching goodness ahead of you!
And I smile because I now know who the women are in your icon! And they are in fact awesome. Roslin is going to be a fascinating character to watch, I think.

Though man, I fear what you mean by "gut-wrenching", because the show starts with utter defeat.

God, you can be my fitspiraton now. Ugh.

Mental engagement you say? What is this of which you speak? I don't think I've written more than five hundred words in the last month. Granted, RL has been pretty craptacular lately, but STILL. I dunno. I have a bad hankering to write Spander all of a sudden but I'm sure I would be consumed by guilt writing it while I have another story I'm SUPPOSED to be working on. Think it would help my muse to write something - ANYTHING - at all or should I just spruce up what I've got until something comes?

What are you thinking about switching to?
So. Here's my theory. If it's a useful theory, you can borrow it.

Fandom is for fun. Fan writing is for fun. There are no requirements or obligations here beyond the ones we find enjoyable to fulfill. If you would have more fun writing a Spander story for Big Bang than whatever it was you signed up for, write the Spander story! Stay mellow, stay motivated, stay in the fun zone.

I was thinking of switching to the story of Buffy getting trapped in a hell dimension after going through the rift in "The Gift", and Giles going in to rescue her. With a doubtful Ethan in tow. Complications ensue. I seem to be outlining it. Er. Oops.
*g* Go you anarchist you. I think I'll try outlining the Spander for now and see if the muse strikes. I get what you're saying for sure, but I've never finished any major fic, and darn it, I would like to finish something some time. I sort of followed that philosophy when I was in the Harry Potter fandom, but I just ended up with twelve or so unfinished fics. But I'll put the flogger away for sure. ; )

Ooh! Good, cause, that bit you posted was all kinds of delish! Good for you. I do love me some Warrior!Buffy.
Okay, I consider myself pretty good with the fitness, and I consider 20 push-ups and forty sit-ups (technically 20 sit-ups, 20 bum-ups) and a bunch of squats to be a killer workout.

I thought I was all that just because I'd managed to move to full-length push-ups.

You clearly spent some time in the military and didn't tell us.

I assure you that I have never been in the military. And that in June of last year when I started all this, I was completely deconditioned and flabby. I spend three hours a week with this personal trainer dude, and he has been driving me as hard as I have asked him to drive me, which is kinda hard. And this is the result. My theory is, if a flabby doughpot like me can do it, anybody can. The human body amazes me.

The Crossfit named workouts are killer. Try one sometime.

I'm still overweight. That's the project for the next year of exercise. It's going to have to go up to 5 or 6 days a week, 1 hour a day.
Three hours is serious commitment. I am impressed. I'd love to do more dancing - sadly, the commute makes it much more time than it is.

You'll have to keep us updated on your reactions to BSG as you go along--for those of us who know what's coming up, it would be a kick to read. (Believe me, there are twists and turns along the way that you will not believe. Some of them you would never have thought of but are so right you can't imagine anything else once you know, and some of them are pure WTFBBQ? moments where the only explanation is either the writers were on crack or they were going solely for melodrama.)
First off, you rock for the exercise thing. I know it's doable, but it's still pretty awesome that you did it.

When you say you watched the BSG pilot, do you mean the miniseries? Cuz the miniseries was good and then it gets really good. So, you might have even better viewing pleasure coming up than you thought, yay! Also, stay away from the scifi channel as they show previews of the upcoming episodes and some things should not be spoiled!

I just got into this show and last weekend finished a 2 week long marathon of watching all the episodes up till this point. It kinda left me speechless with how good it is.

And then the music, OMG. I downloaded the soundtracks and have been listening to them almost nonstop for a week. I have much love for this show, but I'm glad I didn't start watching till now because I don't think I could have stood waiting for new episodes.

I agree with whoever suggested you post about your take on the show as you watch. I'd be interested in knowing what you think as you go along. Speaking of such things, are you still watching Chuck?
Glad you're watching BSG -- it's a great show.

Am out of town for a week (again) but will see you when I get back -- fill you in on Escapade meta discussions etc.
Today's workout: the Crossfit Angie. 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, done for time.

You rock!! :) I think I'd pass out before 50 each, or at least pull something. That's awesome!