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What's good for minor depression?

I'll tell you what works, at least for me: a workout so intense that all I can do afterward is sit on the locker room bench and breathe. Yow! Sweat dripping from my nose!

Yesterday's poll winners:

  1. Giles/Buffy (9 votes)
  2. Giles/Buffy/Ethan (6)
  3. Giles/Xander (5)

Winning prompts, in order, were:

  1. tenderness (12 votes)
  2. button-fly jeans (10)
  3. snark (8)
  4. angst, magic, swords, and whisky (tied at 7)
For a while there I thought "courtesy" was going to win over "snark", but your collective love for snitty!Giles pulled through in the end.

So I've decided to write prawn in the following configurations:

  • Giles/Buffy, with tenderness, snark, and button-fly jeans.
  • Giles/Buffy/Ethan, with angst, magic, swords, and whisky.

ETA: I love getting random IM messages from sociablesalmon. Harmless and weird social experiment. See also themissinghat.

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