TEA evil can wait

This isn't any kind of pronouncement

Really it isn't, because this is not in "ministrations" territory. (I remind you at this time that the word "ministrations" is banned from use in fanfic in the Antennarepublic. On pain of.... I dunno; do it and I'll think of something nasty.) I am suspecting that it is mere personal squick. But um, well...

I have to say that the verb "engulf" has started to make me uncomfortable. To be honest, it has moved past merely non-erotic and is fast approaching nerve-wracking. Like, the image I get when I read it is of octopus arms, pale and purple, writhing and pulling the prey in toward an implacable mouth. And then I say, no, wrong! it's all about flooding and overflowing and that isn't a happy good-touch place either. At least for me.

So maybe, if I asked nicely, you (the generic you) could consider other, less cephalopoidal verbs. Thank you for listening. Eek.
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I hate ministrations when used in FRAO fanfic!

Is this an example of what you are talking about? "Giles allowed the sensation of Ethan's ministrations to engulf him until he was overflowing with orgasmic joy"? I hate all those words too.
More like: Giles engulfed Buffy's breast and after a few minutes of his talented ministrations he ceased and gave her a Ripperish look. Because he had eaten and digested her by that point.


Okay, I just made my problem with this word much, much worse.
From Dictionary.com


1. The act or process of serving or aiding.
2. The act of performing the duties of a cleric.

I agree with AIGH and I will add an eeeewwwwww.

Why do people use words so terribly out of their proper context? What is wrong with words like touched or felt. Why make something more complicated than it has to be?