top gear 2

So a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost walk into a bar. And the ghost says...

Things I have watched in the last few days:

Being Human, first episode. Good. Tense television. Fascinating characters. Will watch more avidly.
Dollhouse, second episode. Can't get excited. Dushku played the usual Dushku character again, so her acting skills were not over-challenged as they were in the first episode. Tall ex-cop is her Watcher figure. Dialog is still lame, especially when compared with Being Human.
Top Gear, series 1 episode 1. They were still working out the formula, but it was the limp editing that harmed it most. Clarkson and Hammond were recognizably themselves. The dial was set to 6, however, not 11.
Top Gear, series 2 episode 1, aka the first with James May. Clarkson needs two personalities offsetting him, two people arguing with him, and May's a good foil. The formula is present and the editing is better. This is where modern Top Gear truly begins, I think.

Writing continues apace. I'm definitely in spit out the first draft mode, not worrying too much about the stuff I know is wrong and will have to be changed. Keep telling yourself that, A. Stay on target. Stay on target! It's pure crack, this story, even with the serious parts-- the emotional payoff is something that would only make sense to fanfiction readers. I suppose that therefore my job is to make that statement untrue by telling a persuasive story.

Need to figure out Xander. He's the emotional driver of the story. As always, for me.
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I'm glad you like Being Human. I miss it like crazy already.

Only a year to go till season 2.
I'm hooked on it. I was hooked on it after the first five minutes when they introduced the three main characters. I love so much that the mess Vincent is in is his own damn fault, and he knew he'd screwed up when he did it. (And that we see it in that opening sequence.)

Just great stuff. So happy to hear there's a second series, and that the first series ended even better than it began.
An icon from a great show :) I'm completely addicted to it. And if anything, the husband is even more addicted.