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I finally built a suitable playlist for the story, so writing could proceed.

A weekend of work: house-work and writing-work. The housework is boring, so let's skip it. The writing is just plain hard slogging, as it usually is. But I slog, and the post-Chosen post-apocalyptic Montana cabin story proceeds. About 6000 words of present-tense angsty Buffy point of view something or other, and growing. Probably it's straight hurt/comfort. It's also my "I love Buffy, therefore it's her turn in the barrel" story.

It's been an interesting stylistic exercise. I've been working hard to render everything and do as little explaining through interior monologue as possible. I fear I'm coming over all Raymond Carver or something similarly modern and arid. I'm sure I'll stucco it up to my usual levels of over-messy decoration by the time I'm done editing. A million years from now. (Also in progress: another story in this little BG storyline and another draft of the thing with Giles & his dad, far pre-series. And Blackmail, but very slowly on that one.)

I still have no suitable late-series B/G/X icons to use. Woes. How can one post fic or fic wittering without suitable icons?
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