I am m34n. Just ask my cats.

Today was Cat Trauma Day. First I tormented them by locking them in the house. Then I chained them up in the cat carrier and subjected them to a car ride to the sausage-making facility. There, they were poked and prodded to see if they were fat enough to be made into kitty sausages. Then needles were stuck into them for no reason whatsoever. Then the Fluffy Cat was taken away for dental surgery by Steve Martin.

Both cats registered their strongly-worded protests with the management. The management is looking forward to brushing their kitty teeth at least once a week. The management is not thinking that the salmon-flavored toothpaste will mollify them.

Random: Speaking of SteveMartin!dentist, compare! Original vs remake. I'm thinking Murray > Nicholson, but mostly it's the script.
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No, the salmon toothpaste will not. That's why they make those little toothbrushes that go on the end of your finger to brush their teeth. Because cats can then find something that will make them feel a little better while your fingers are conveniently already between their teeth...
Bishie might chomp down. Mina will just go limp and suffer ostentatiously, as she did at the vet's. I am certain they'll learn what the toothbrush means immediately.
The husband claims up and down that her name is just "Mina", not "Mina Harker", so you got me. She thinks she's the boss.
I send all sympathies. The Small Blonde Dog goes to the vet for her checkup Thursday, and it will not be an enjoyable day...

Good thoughts for the cats' quick forgetting of this trauma!
Oh, poor SBD! Our dogs claim to enjoy the trips to the vet, though of course they get upset about the prodding parts. Maybe their theory is that if they charm everyone in the office, they'll escape any medical misery. May the SBD's memory be short.
At least there was no smurf juice involved. The last two time Rewind had to go to the vet he had to endure the indignity of having his white fur turned temporarily blue in places because of smurf juice (the quick stop bleeding stuff the vets have). He glared for days until it ws gone.
My guy now has shaved patches where they stuck needles into him. No smurfism! That would have been hilarious.
Ah, Little Shop of Horrors. That movie came out right after my mother died, and I think I saw it four times. I leave you to figure out the psychological implications of that.