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What should I work on?

I just counted. I have six stories in progress, seven if you count the very first Buffy thing I started writing and haven't touched in several months.

In progress right now:

- Giles is thrown back to Victorian London thanks to a prank by Ethan, where in desperation he seeks out the aid of Sherlock Holmes. Genfic.
- The Novel-Length Bond Story, in which Giles must cope with the consequences of performing long-forbidden bond magic with his Slayer.
- A 4th-season story with another, much more coercive take on Watcher/Slayer bond magic. This one has bodyart!Buffy. Aka the "claim magic story". Genfic, with the B/G overtones of any bond story.
- Two Core Four stories, continuing where the last one left off and introducing conflict to the until-now fluffy world of magic-induced polyamory.
- A response to the "Giles is Buffy's first" challenge, with a guest appearance by Parker Abrams. (This is the untouched first story thing.)
- The story I started this morning with Giles and tarot cards, set in 5th season. B/G, though Giles doesn't know it yet.

Which story should I work on first?

that darn Holmes story already
Core Four
that Watcher/Slayer bond novel you keep threatening us with
bodyart/claim magic
Giles is Buffy's first

Don't check all of them, but picking two is fair.
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