What should I work on?

I just counted. I have six stories in progress, seven if you count the very first Buffy thing I started writing and haven't touched in several months.

In progress right now:

- Giles is thrown back to Victorian London thanks to a prank by Ethan, where in desperation he seeks out the aid of Sherlock Holmes. Genfic.
- The Novel-Length Bond Story, in which Giles must cope with the consequences of performing long-forbidden bond magic with his Slayer.
- A 4th-season story with another, much more coercive take on Watcher/Slayer bond magic. This one has bodyart!Buffy. Aka the "claim magic story". Genfic, with the B/G overtones of any bond story.
- Two Core Four stories, continuing where the last one left off and introducing conflict to the until-now fluffy world of magic-induced polyamory.
- A response to the "Giles is Buffy's first" challenge, with a guest appearance by Parker Abrams. (This is the untouched first story thing.)
- The story I started this morning with Giles and tarot cards, set in 5th season. B/G, though Giles doesn't know it yet.

Which story should I work on first?

that darn Holmes story already
Core Four
that Watcher/Slayer bond novel you keep threatening us with
bodyart/claim magic
Giles is Buffy's first

Don't check all of them, but picking two is fair.
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I may be biased because I am a sherlock Holmes and John Watson fanatic, but I hope you work on the Sherlock Holmes Story!
Think you might get your wish. If I consult only my own urges, it goes:

- Tarot story (new thing always shinier than older things)
- Holmes story
- bond novel

In order of intimidating-ness. I have an urge to get away from anything with sex in it for a while. The cheap thrills have begun to feel too cheap.
My next choice would be the novel, then the bodyart, then the tarot, then the Giles-is-Buffy's-first.
I had an image of Tara doing a reading on a sunlit table in the Magic Box, and decided to let that spark a story. So Tarot cards in the story, and used to structure it, and used for some recurring imagery. One hopes with some subtlety, if I'm capable of it. If not, I hope to fail entertainingly.

You're to blame, by the way, because the image was of Tara handing the King of Cups to Giles.

And now off to read the long-awaited next chapter of Home Repairs...
I think I'm partial to the Bond story only because I was a big help in you getting some of that straightened out. (It was all my fault!!!) Of course more Core Four is of the good. And Giles as Buffy's first is always fun. I've toyed with the idea of doing one of those myself.

And I just want to say that your compliment in your last e-mail made me all warm and fuzzy and teary eyed. I just want to hug you now!