Miscellaneous nonsense.

Throughout the week I keep a file open in BBEdit with a draft of whatever my next entry here will be. I write something almost every day for it. Most of the time I delete whatever it was without posting, on the grounds that it's too boring. Today, I don't delete it! Today you suffer! And then thank me for deleting it all normally.

I almost always think out loud about the week's workouts. Tuesday's training was the "Tabata This" workout. The Crossfit Tabata exercise mode is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest, repeat for 8 sets. Count your reps each time; your score is the sum of the lowest rep count for each exercise. "Tabata This" does this with rowing, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups, one minute of rest after each exercise. Needless to say, I didn't do the full-on official Crossfit exercise. I did jumping pull-ups and kneeling push-ups. My best exercise was the squat. I finished stronger than I started with squats: did 20 in my last set, which meant I should have been pushing harder earlier. The push-ups had the classic sudden drop-off when my chest muscles stopped being able to contract.

There was no letup today. Same muscle groups, hit hard, with a high heart rate for the whole hour. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Then my trainer goes on vacation for a week and I must do something low-intensity on my own.

Phase 2 begins now. Phase 2 is radical diet rejiggering. Diet as in "normal food routine" not diet as in "weird-ass misery-inducing short-term starvation". Not sure what it will involve, exactly, though my current theory is low-carb high-protein caveman eating habits. Must do more reading.

This workout thing is the best thing I've done for myself in the last decade. I feel fantastic. And sore. But mostly fantastic.

I cannot for the life of me remember why I typed this up, but I did. I think it had something to do with somebody on ffrants whinging that it's overly-restrictive to define a drabble as 100 words exactly. But that's the point, dude.

Drabble: 100 words exactly. Variants at small integer multiples of 100.
Ficlet: Anything under 1000 words; flexible.
Short story: 1000 to 17,500 words.
Novella: 17,500 words up to 40,000 words; Hugo awards definition.
Novel: anything longer.

The Hugo awards define a short story as anything less than 7500 words, and invent the category of "novelette" for 7500 - 17,500 word long pieces. The word "novelette" disturbs me, so I ignore it.

Am contemplating cutting back the frequency of giles_watchers posts to Sunday / Wednesday / Friday. The fandom is slowing down, friends. Pardon me while I weep quietly. I'll be here to turn out the lights.

You can find all the Top Gear soundtrack choices identified in this forum. It's interesting to me how electronic dance & ambient music has taken over TV and advertising soundtracks, even in the US where the tattered remains of radio is still playing classic rock 24/7.

Have been seeing scenes from both Reconnection and That Big-Bang Highgate Cemetery story in my head during quiet moments. I think I'm ready to write again.

Random: Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" (sung to a possibly recognizable tune), in Dutch, with Dutch stereotypical mad German scientists. (Why are all mad scientists German?)
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I think it had something to do with somebody on ffrants whinging that it's overly-restrictive to define a drabble as 100 words exactly. But that's the point, dude.

Exactly. That's like whining about syllable counts in haikus or sonnets being restricted to 14 lines. If you want to go free-form, go for it. But don't go calling it something it's not.
Baddabing! It's not a plot to oppress people. It's the thing the exercise of writing one is all about.
Buffy-verse fandom is likely to be another long-lived one. I expect there to be HP fannish activity a decade from now, too. But there'll be slow periods.

In re: food: I'm already bloody sure that high-fructose corn syrup and processed grains are gonna go entirely. More food constructed from raw materials; way less restaurant food. I was veg+fish-itarian until I started my miserable attempts at pregnancy a few years ago, at which time I started eating red meat again just as a shortcut to getting the iron I needed. (Iron supplements + morning sickness == yakking.) Not sure what I'm going to do about that one.
The novella is my very favorite story length, if it's not insane to have such a thing. It's enough space to explore something chewy, but restricted enough to discourage the flab.

Though a great short story is a punch in the face, which is awesome, I like to read a tiny bit of sprawl.
I'm hoping it's only a temporary slowdown of the fandom. It always seems quiet at this time of the year, although I will admit this year seems even more so. Fingers crossed it picks up again for SOG.

I agree it is sad that the fandom is slowing down. I became less active for rl reasons. I have been impressed that you guys still have been posting nearly everyday and I thought you did a great job! I am not surprised that you are cutting back to three times a week. *Joins you in weeping quietly*
The cycles of fandom are inevitable. Thanks for the props! I'm happy to have contributed my bit to the fandom, following in your footsteps.
I'll be sad if that happens, but I understand. Monday is the only night I know I'm always here though, because of my work schedule. I really enjoy being a part of it, but I'll understand. :(
I just feel like 3 good chunky newletters a week might be a better idea than 7 nearly-empty ones. Must think and watch the numbers for another week.

I'm so grateful to you and the other volunteers who make the newsletter happen so reliably week in and week out. We tick along, quietly cross-referencing our fandom. Because it's relaxing :)
Yay for you! *goes 'woot' at annoyingly loud volume* Hooray for your feeling fantastic! Your workout sounded awesome. Crossfit is the business, I love their exercises and website.

Personally I agree that low-carb is the way to go. I don't eat carbs, haven't done for a very long time and have found it to be such an easy and toothsome way to eat healthily, even though I am a runner. It is a myth that you need to fuel-up on carbs to train. Well, unless you're Michael Phelps or someone.

It's got popular again over here mainly thanks to this book


Which is quite a good read. And the cook book that goes with it is brilliant, I use it all the time.


There's also a website with a useful forum on it.


Good luck with Phase 2. If you drink any form of soda, even diet ones then stop. Just doing that will be a real boost to feeling groovy. Once you've got over the cravings that is...
Ultra-low-carb/Atkins seems to be the sensible way to do it. I particularly love the comments from people on the Amazon UK site saying things like, "it's easy to lose weight so don't do stuff like this." The point, dear condescending idiots, is that isn't easy, especially at first. Shedding bad old daily habits to acquire new ones is painful.

Says the woman with a diet Coke in her hands. Argh.
You're right. Changing how you eat and do things is difficult and painful, but you're ahead of most people who start because you've already taken control of your fitness.

As much as I'm loathe to sum up anything in a single sentence, when I'm tempted to eat/drink really bad food I say to myself 'nothing tastes as good as being fit feels'. Sometimes it works. Of course other times I tell myself to sod off and eat a ton of cake, but no one's perfect.