I realized this morning that my cats are Frenzyhearts.

I just speed-read a huge pile of fic in a new fandom, searching for those worthwhile few that have the goods. A number of trends pop out when you do something like this, and I wanted to record one trend here: overloaded opening sentences. Yeah, the opening sentence has to awaken interest. But it doesn't have to do all the work of establishing setting as well. The presence of the word "as" is often an indicator of overloading, particularly when it's used to connect one-time short-duration actions with longer on-going ones. (People who endure my beta-reading are familiar with that complaint.)

I'm now reading over all my own opening sentences in a paranoid fit.

(Sudden weird metaphor: In your next story opener, instead of "Rocky Racoon", go for "A Hard Day's Night".)

In other news:

I'm waiting for my coworkers' verdict on Dollhouse. Last week they were all of the "it's Joss Whedon; of course we're watching the pilot" opinion. Let's see what they think this week. They're all ahoo over BSG and bored stiff by Heroes.

My list of obligations both fannish and real-life is piling up horribly. I have a story to beta-read (yes, I got it, secondalto), week-old feedback email to answer, a ficathon to write a cheerleading post for today, and the story for the ficathon to work on. Haven't written a word in a week. The subject line of the post is the clue about what I've been doing instead.

So. What should I do today? If you say "laundry", then I'll cry. If you say "open the week's mail and pay bills", I'll know you're Mr Pedia and respond by throwing a small dog at you.
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What about; "Say F it all and come have dinner with us?"
(Although I'm feverishly working on how to make that an 'as' sentence just because I adore you and therefore love to make you cringe.)
POST TO BIG BANG. Or, you know, you could just pat me on the back, cause I totally hit 10,060 words today which is freaking UNHEARD OF. : )

Then you should drink a bottle of wine and try to beta read whilst intoxicated.
If LJ ever responds to my page requests, I'm posting to the bigbang comm in the next half hour.

LiveJournal experienced a brief outage at about 10:15 p.m. GMT today (February 15, 2009) due to a memcache issue. The site may be slow to load for about the next 5 minutes while the new memcache tier hash is used and the old is discarded, but after that should return to normal.

Memcache: holy crap LJ is unusable without it.
I really want to say "open the week's mail and pay bills" because it amuses me to think somewhere in American there is a slightly irate woman throwing pets at her nagging husband.

I watched Dollhouse. Half the time it seemed to me like ED was just Faith acting like Buffy. While she didn't have an imprint, it was like watching the Buffybot. *shrugs* We'll see after the next episode.
That's it. I'm flinging Spike when I get home tonight! (Yes, one of our dogs is named Spike. Mr P named her that. She predates BtVS. She's fierce.)
Are you feeling better? Was going to call you and schedule dinner w/ Mr Pedia and Mr West, but I thought you might be sick.
I was more or less human again by Sunday, though Sunday was a miserable day to be out and about doing anything. Well, okay, mildly miserable in the sense of "soaking wet".