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A moment of fannish squee.

I've just been rewatching the middle of BtVS season 4 ("Pangs", "Something Blue", and "Hush") and lord, if this isn't my favoritest TV ever. I care about all these characters so much. Except Riley. I never could manage to care in the least about him. Strange, given that "Hush" introduces Tara, about whom I cared a whole lot almost right away.

Anyway. Canon familiarity refreshed. Love of source text refreshed. Plotty bits of various S4 retellings retargeted. I'll either watch "Doomed" next or answer comments or write. Really I should be folding the tremendous piles of clean laundry I have just created.

I have no idea what my subconscious is going to move me to work on next. No flipping clue. I know what I should be working on...

Random: Comic book lettering conventions explained.
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