Giles/Buffy hug

And now let us sing the praises of OTPs

I am writing commentary for the absurdly-titled "A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse", and all I can think is: I need more Buffy/Giles. New BG. Now please. Am having severe withdrawal symptoms.

Might be reduced to re-reading The Transformations Quartet for the Nth time. Angsty traumatic tortured Giles in braces with the lovely speech patterns of an educated Englishman, and a fascinating Buffy characterization I've never seen elsewhere. Mmm.
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I really would love to know, even in summary. Is she still in fandom, do you know? It crushed me when I arrived at the end of what she finished and realized it was over with. Argh!
This is one of the BG classics, a story that sums up the best concepts of the two of them. And it's got some neat Wesley in it, too. Please enjoy!
Dammit, now I want to reread it and I'm in the middle of something completely different. >.<

But yeah, need new B/G, too.

Was thinking I would also do something about the new BG problem. Might be just the right kick for me to finish the thing I started over the summer.
Ah, 'Transformations'! One of my first and most enduring fic loves! *sigh*