The alternative is writing another meme response, and we can't have that.

I'm bored. Want some DVD commentary? Now is your time to ask for it. I'll probably write something craft-centric, but there's no predicting. First two comers. Please, for pity's sake, choose shorter stories.

My dvd commentary tag has the stories I've already done commentary for. My archive has a definitive list of the candidates.
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Totally can, particularly because I have a major revision of it sitting unpublished (because the larger thingie it's part of isn't done).
My brain is dead and I cannot remember the name of the fic. Didn't you write a piece where Giles and Buffy are crashed in a hotel, talking of fantasies, and Xander is sleeping in the next bed?
I totally think you should write more fic for the meme. [hides her Google Docs files]
Google docs? What google docs? *looks innocent*

Seriously, if I could just add two or three more hours to every day...