I'm going for "ambitious but rubbish" as my fandom epitaph

Today I wittered at myself in a more organized manner than usual. I made a chart. Then I deleted it since it was unutterably boring. I summarize the situation this way: I'm working on 3 stories actively; there are 2 more in first draft state waiting for my subconscious to decide they're ready to achieve second draft nirvana; and there are 2 more I should be working on but am not; plus there's the one new story that leaped out and kicked me in the head. Hint: I decided I needed a break from the kink and the smut and went back to something that's full-on sappy romance with no naughty words in it at all.

Am relieved that my horrible block from late last year seems to be exploded. I've decided to experiment and fail a lot to see if I can improve my craft a bit. I'd like to try writing a mystery, for instance, to experience first-hand how hard it is. The advantage of laboring in the total obscurity of this tiny corner of a closed-canon fandom is that there will only be about five people to observe my faceplants.

Back to the topic of naughty words, if you haven't looked at the kink meme in a while, there's just been a flurry of activity. See the results in the master list. There are now 38 39 responses total. I fiddled with the format of the list in an attempt to make finding things of interest easier. Probably I made it harder. Sigh.

Random: "I Can Read Movies!" series book covers. Genius graphical design on several levels.
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Face-plants are what we need to learn from. Maybe now I`ll never fry another mobo. :/
Experimenting should be fun -- enjoy! :-)
It's mostly funny because it strikes me as something I would do in order to procrastinate. "Oh, I can't write now; I have to make this chart about everything I have to write."

Then, of course, my ADHD would kick in, and I'd go from making a chart to looking at them on GraphJam, which of course would lead to ICanHasCheezburger and the other affiliates, and after looking over PunditKitchen I would need to see what was going on at ontd_political, and after half an hour there, I'd have a compulsion to watch Countdown and Rachel Maddow podcasts, .... you see why I take Adderall? ^_^
The Internet procrastination cycle :) For me it's a list of techblogs instead of political blogs, but same deal.