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I have a cat balanced precariously along my shin. He's asleep.

First drafts: simultaneously too long and not long enough. Overloaded with repetitive junk that needs to get cut, and too spare about all the stuff that matters. Bleah. Hate 'em. Wish I could skip them and start with second drafts.

The next part of Blackmail has reached a first draft. The prompt is "phone encounter", which I took entirely literally for once. Giles and Buffy talk on the phone about, you know, stuff. I'm out of town for a few days next week, so no idea when I'll be able to achieve that happy second draft state with this one.

When I post this next part, the series will be pushing 40K words, by far my longest posted work thus far. (Note careful use of the qualifier "posted" there.) How embarrassing that a self-indulgent kink fic is the longest thing I've done. All those high-concept complicated gen stories are too scary to finish.

Random: And staying on the same topic, check out Male Submission Art. Images of submissive men, but not pathetic or humiliated ones. Not work-safe in any way at all, but also not grody. For instance, this recent entry is wonderfully sweet. (And work-safe.)
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