I have a cat balanced precariously along my shin. He's asleep.

First drafts: simultaneously too long and not long enough. Overloaded with repetitive junk that needs to get cut, and too spare about all the stuff that matters. Bleah. Hate 'em. Wish I could skip them and start with second drafts.

The next part of Blackmail has reached a first draft. The prompt is "phone encounter", which I took entirely literally for once. Giles and Buffy talk on the phone about, you know, stuff. I'm out of town for a few days next week, so no idea when I'll be able to achieve that happy second draft state with this one.

When I post this next part, the series will be pushing 40K words, by far my longest posted work thus far. (Note careful use of the qualifier "posted" there.) How embarrassing that a self-indulgent kink fic is the longest thing I've done. All those high-concept complicated gen stories are too scary to finish.

Random: And staying on the same topic, check out Male Submission Art. Images of submissive men, but not pathetic or humiliated ones. Not work-safe in any way at all, but also not grody. For instance, this recent entry is wonderfully sweet. (And work-safe.)
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Thank you for the link.

What I find the most enticing is not the bodies or ... parts thereof ... but the position and relaxed mode of the hands and fingers. They highlight the entirely natural composure many of these men exhibit.

Oh ... and ... curved spine? Mmmmmm.
The curving spine on the man face-down in bed with the smiling woman looking at him: guh! Gets me.
Please don't be embarrassed! Writing something that you and other people enjoy isn't anything to be embarrassed about.

Also, awesome link. Thanks!
Your subject heading made me think of how Mango used to sit on my knee. *sigh* I still miss my pearly princess hen.