Giles/Buffy chosen

Getting right back to fannishness...

Dear self--

Endless fussing around making the perfect soundtrack for the current story in progress does not actually count as writing that story.

sincerely yours,
going to take iTunes away from you any second now

PS: Does anybody have any good Buffy+Giles+Xander icons?
PPS: What was with that comment spam storm earlier today?
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I can't access my vast icon folders right now but when I can I'll see and send if I do. The closest I have is Core Four.

Oh! And somewhere I may have the photo the icon came from if you want.

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ROTFLMFAO!!!! "No, really, this is going to help me get into the emotions of the characters..." *headdesk*
Though when I nail it and make the right thing, listening will get me into writing flow state in seconds flat. It's nearly 2 years later, and the writing playlist I made for "Dust on his hands from the sky" still gets me into that story's mood, bam!
I used to have this amazing playlist for my old WiP that was like that. Unfortunately it died with my old computer. I've tried making other ones, including one for my current Big Bang piece, but I'm not sure I have a wide enough selection of music in my ITunes yet to really do it justice. Mostly, I just listen to a lot of Muse and Apocolyptica and stare at my cursor.

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