I'm reminded of this horrible song we sang in junior high chorus.

Today is More Joy day. I'm not sure what that means. Am I supposed to go around spreading joy or am I supposed to just find my inner wellsprings of joy? I'm going to have to look this thing up... Okay, here's the source. More Joy Day == do something nice for somebody else. The post also requires that you post about it to say you did it, but I'm against that.

Hmm. Am in slough of despond today myself. Perhaps this will be distracting. Let me trudge off and think about this some more.

Random: APOD today is a stunning solargraph. That's pretty joy-making, in my opinion.
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Wasn't that APOD shot great? That really made me smile this morning too :)
Sorry to hear it's a bad day for you-- may you move out of the slough soonest.
Thanks. Apropos of nothing, I looked up the word "slough" today and learned that the word refers to different things on the east coast than on the west coast. The nearest slough to me is a tidal estuary; this would not be called a slough over on the other coast. Cool! Words are cool!
The post also requires that you post about it to say you did it, but I'm against that.

You can take the woman out of New England...

I love your new layout, btw. Very nice. :)
APOD is one of my default home pages and yeah, that oen really struck me too.
I've grown bored with the generic starfield images, to my surprise. But surprising moments or well-planned multiple exposures will get me every time. Like the one of this month's full moon with jet contrail, over an Alp.
Yes, exactly! I have been feeling the same about the starfields but the photos of the Moon (and other odd exposure ones lately have really impressed - I think we had the largest full moon of 2008 in December and then the largest of 2009 in Jan, so it's been a real treat.
Shouldn't that be an every day sort of to-do item?

And you never told us what the horrible song was. :)
You'd think, but we need special days for it.

The chorus thing was something called "Spread Joy" that I have (mercifully) never heard before or since. Though of course it's playing back constantly in my head now. 30 freakin' years later, I can hear the junior high girls chorus singing it. Oh gawd.