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Gratuitous icon post, with bonus content

Today's new icon is a quick crop from Jo Chen's cover for issue #24 of the Buffy season 8 comics. This issue is a one-shot story following Giles & Faith after "No Future For You". No idea what happens in it. I have long since given up my subscription to the comic, but I pre-ordered this one. Just for that cover. Oh my. And the good news is, Jeanty isn't ruining it with his pencils this time! And thus I found the right icon for today's story.

I am so dedicated to research for these stories that I also bought a bottle of Germain-Robin alambic brandy. The spelling of the word freaks me out, but it's apparently right. Amazing stuff. So incredibly smooth. I might give up whisk(e)y for it. Except it would ruin me. Except hey, not: since I can only drink about one eyedropper-full at a time, one bottle is going to last me years.

Near-future projects, in order of likely completion:

"Broken Vessel" - Giles & his dad, post-Eyghon, Watcher's Child verse; gen
"Liegeman part 4: Conversation" - Giles and Buffy talk on the phone; G/B
"The One About Giles's Hands" - Attic-verse, B/G smarm in the context of an existing G/X relationship
"The One about the Barrow" - a Wiltshire Neolithic tomb and a barrow wight; G/X
"The Signet Ring" - working title of the time-travel Highgate Cemetery story aka the Big Bang story; B/G sort of
"Montana" - working title of the post-Chosen all-gone-wrong story; B/G/X
"Back By Teatime" - Doctor Who crossover with the 2nd Doctor, Giles and Ethan as schoolboys
"The Schoolboy Kink One" - morally reprehensible G/X

This is really a list of story files I have open at the moment and might find myself tinkering with. Order is based on how close they look to done-ness. The next Blackmail segment might beat "Broken Vessel", though, because it'll demand less revision. I think I'm going to aim the barrow story for a Spring with Xan date TBD.

PS: Now I'm off to leave comments on all the drunk!Giles stories posted today. You might enjoy them too! Drunken Giles masterlist over thisaway.
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