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Warning: contains some irony

I am confidently informed in a private message that my fandom is creepy but my ljmigrate tool works. Heh. You keep on being charming to strangers, random LJ person.

Though really, we're enough like slow-boiled frogs that we forget the external perspective, which is in part the source of the trouble in the original mess of journal deletions a couple of summers ago. Consider this item linked on metafandom today, a straightforward discussion of how to approach an initially impossible-looking ficathon assignment. Practical, cheerful, and you can imagine it turning somebody's hair white if they tripped over it by accident.

I find my own hobby puzzling sometimes.

Pardon. I'm off to watch a lot of Top Gear with my husband, who laughs hysterically at Jeremy Clarkson. The shots of lovely curvy roads have been making me miss motorcycling. I think I might drive across the country this summer to go to WriterCon or something, thus combining creepy hobbies into one creeptastic high-speed road trip.
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