top gear

Warning: contains some irony

I am confidently informed in a private message that my fandom is creepy but my ljmigrate tool works. Heh. You keep on being charming to strangers, random LJ person.

Though really, we're enough like slow-boiled frogs that we forget the external perspective, which is in part the source of the trouble in the original mess of journal deletions a couple of summers ago. Consider this item linked on metafandom today, a straightforward discussion of how to approach an initially impossible-looking ficathon assignment. Practical, cheerful, and you can imagine it turning somebody's hair white if they tripped over it by accident.

I find my own hobby puzzling sometimes.

Pardon. I'm off to watch a lot of Top Gear with my husband, who laughs hysterically at Jeremy Clarkson. The shots of lovely curvy roads have been making me miss motorcycling. I think I might drive across the country this summer to go to WriterCon or something, thus combining creepy hobbies into one creeptastic high-speed road trip.
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Oh I'm sure you just misinterpreted. They know you play RockBand and meant fan of "Creep" by Radiohead... :P

However, if you start slashing Top Gear there WILL BE an intervention. I am not kidding about this.
This will... not happen. I state this confidently. It's a family hobby. It is, however, deeply connected to my recent car dealership incident. Does that deserve an intervention?

Hahahahaha. No. Wait. It's you guys. You're just waiting for a chance to mug me and take the keys.
Oh, I totally can't wait for that intervention! When exactly does the package arrive, anyway? Soonish, I hope.
March? Maybe? They haven't told us yet. They have no idea themselves yet.

Week after next we do a two-day track school in PahRUMP and I learn how to drive a little better. Wheeeeeeee!
Oh, *that's* what was in January, not delivery! At least it will give you an appetizer.
Clarkson is frickin' hilarious (and possibly borderline insane), Hammond is adorable, but James May is my favourite because he is v.v. sensible and sort of hapless. :-)

I was just telling Mr P last night that James May is my favorite too! I always root for him in the races, even when I know they've set it up so he has absolutely no chance because that's his persona. The motor home race, for instance: of course he'd be the one participant who didn't smash up his amenities with a sledgehammer, the one who made a nice dinner for himself instead.

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Yes! Mr P and I watched that one together the other day. We're still working through the ones I was able to properly pay for and download via iTunes, since I believe in playing by the rules where possible. That one was good.
You wanna know what I just found out that makes me greatly wroth? The BBC America versions (the ones on iTunes) are edited down. Also, the iTunes version of series 10 is *completely missing* the Africa Challenge. I'm trying to play by the rules and be a good person but dammit, why does torrenting win every time? Sigh.
Oh no, your fandom is NOT creepy, your fandom is awesome, and your ljmigrate tool is awesome. People who use your software should never dis your fandom.