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Frazzlement imminent

Wow, yesterday vanished in a haze of answering people's comments on the migration/backup tool. And I haven't answered all of them yet. Inbox at 80+ and straining at the seams.

I managed to squeeze some Real Work(tm) in there as well. And a gym visit. My trainer has cranked up the intensity and recent workouts are killin' me. Yesterday he called it "insanely hard core day" and also told me the exercises were too hard for me. So of course I set my jaw and did the suspended side plank. Which was what he wanted. Happy to oblige, you sneaky man. The other thing he did was first exhaust my shoulders with weight lifting, then make me do a regular plank with my elbows on a rubber ball. Holy instability agony faceplant, Batman!

buffy_bigbang needs attention soon. I have a "getting started with longer stories" thing to post soon. To write, rather. Um. Also, I have to say that the kink meme is kicking with tons of great new prompts. And that "kink" doesn't always mean "leather + chains". If you want to write Giles/Anya arguing about history, or Giles/Xander comfort sex, or Giles/Joyce post-Band Candy, there's a fellow fan out there who wants to read it. And there are even prompts that-- get this-- don't involve Giles at all. Bizarre, I know. Also, I'll stop with the annoying promotion of the meme now. Have done enough of that for this month.

I missed psychoadept's birthday. Doh! Happy belated birthday, friend!

And hello to new friends!
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*shoves a few of her own prompts under the bed*

Prompts that don't involve Giles...I just don't understand. :D
I am such a pervert that I have written responses to some of these sicko non-Giles prompts. I'm going to hell!
Thanks! Always good to extend the birthday festivities over a few days, anyway, I figure... :)
Oh, also. Have noticed the flood of prompts at the kink meme. Want to write some of them. Just need to find time...
I'm so excited by the new burst of activity on the kink meme. I'm back in and simmering.

Except the prompts that don't have Giles. That's perverted and wrong.

These non-Gilesy kinks are just not okay.

I have two in progress. Very slow progress, because like you I have drunken!Giles to finish first.
I can't do the kink meme because I can't write smut, but I did see your vague description of the Giles/Anya prompt and use it in my own way. Thank you for mentioning it.
That was a very vague description yes. I should never let myself do these from memory, because my brain is like a sieve. And yet! That was a completely fun and friendly-snark-laden response!