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The sky isn't falling, but it sure looks like rain.

Wow, even if my flist hadn't been all over the SUP/LJ layoffs, I'd have guessed something was up from the flood of incoming comments about ljmigrate.

Friends, I doubt LJ will vanish overnight (the death will be long and slow, and yes, I think we've heard the first rattling cough), but I do recommend keeping backups. This is true for any data you care about: don't let it live only on the cloud, or on servers other people control. If it matters to you, keep a local copy. Have a backup process, not just an every-now-and-then when you panic backup method.
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What's this about lj layoffs? Apparently your flist is more in the know than mine, as there's no mention of it anywhere except for your lj post.

I've been thinking about doing this for so long, and I am just competent enough to be really dangerous (as I know from last time I tried to update my fic page and it was jibberish to everyone but me).

Last I knew your tool was being tried by folks to see that everything went smoothly. Is it fairly idiot-proof by now?

It *is* fairly idiot proof. Give it a shot! Zing me some email if you're stuck. (Or IM, if you do that thing.)
Okay, I've downloaded the tarball and the LJ migrate folder. How long should it take to do the migration? (My LJ was created 6 years ago.) I'm wondering if I should wait until the weekend when I'm fresher than I am now.

I'm going to be brave, but I wonder if I should schedule bravery. :)

Oh, and do I need to do the unicode thing? ::quakes::
The time required depends on two things:
- how many entries you have
- how fast your network connection is

Less than two hours, I'd guess, unless you have an insane number of posts. It just took me 25 minutes to back up 1500 entries.

You should do the unicode thing. It will have no effect if it's not needed.
The FAQ.
The place to do it.

Edited to make the links nicerer. Holy crap, the comments are coming in by the bucketload for me tonight. Trying to stay on top of people's requests for help. You get special priority, tho. I'm about to head out to get some dinner, but I should be back and on IM later if you need help with this.

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You ROCK, babe.

It's late and my energy is at a low, low ebb, so I'm not going to get this started right away. I have art class tomorrow night, so I'm thinking Thursday evening will be my first shot to really do it. Thank you SO MUCH for your help -- I'll plead if I need you!
PS: My god, that was one annoying article over on Gawker.

Signed, freak with weird obsession.

I told some asshole over there not to choke on his schadenfreude pie. Alas, the html strikeout on "don't" didn't work.
Of course your utility is getting a lot of traffic, the LJ Export option suckkkkkkks. Yours works fast, reliably (for me thus far), and gets the job done.

I don't doubt LJ will go away this year, nor will it in 2010, but if something does happen, that suckkkkkks (also). The two of us bought permanent accounts (will, she bought hers and got one for me as a gift) during this last round of the sale.

To think that we've paid for accounts for the last few years, then just now ponied up a lot of money for a permanent account, and to think that LiveJournal may move into stagnation or something? Ugh. Crappy thought.