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And then after those 3 stories I have about ten others to work on...

Hey, wow, complete first draft of the story with Giles & his dad, post-Eyghon. Which I am tentatively calling "Broken Vessel" in a bout of title-reuse, because the same bit of Psalms inspired this about the time I was working on the other one.

I'll let this one sit while I revise and post two other things (drunken!G then G/S), then I'll see what the subconscious makes of it. Definitely desperately needs a second draft. Then this one will need a reading from a native speaker to make sure my two Englishmen sound like educated Englishmen.

This story connects "The Co-Conspirators" and Watcher's Child. They've always been connected in my head, but this one makes it obvious. I worry that I'm flattening out a canonical metaphor a bit and going too literal, but eh. Yes, I know that was vague and incomprehensible. All will be revealed. Eventually.
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