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I'm curious where Tennant's career will go next.

I know this is all over your flists already, but I'll cut for people who don't care.

Just to recap, Eleven will be played by Matt Smith, who is even younger than Davison when he took the role. Wikipedia, IMDB.

My reaction? I dunno. No clue who the guy is. He's nicely funny-looking in lots of his photos, which gives me some hope. The scripts he's given will end up mattering more than they might have otherwise, unless he turns out to have that star charisma that carries everything. So I'm back to looking forward to Moffat's writing, which is where I was yesterday. Except that I'm secretly a little bit bummed, because I have a thing for older men and was hoping for an over-40 actor. But I know I am not the bulk of the viewing audience, so I'm mellow about not being catered to.

Here are my incredibly-easy-to-make predictions for Series 5.

He'll be a decent Doctor, carried by a quiet run of solid scripts plus one really great one. RTD will return to write the worst script of the series, which fanboys will hail as the best. The Who fandom will see an influx of younger fans, even younger than the ones Tennant brought in. The squealing will rise an octave in pitch. The Tennant era fans will begin to understand what the classic era fans were on about, but will try not to say so out loud. The real wank will be over who his Companion is. Or Companions are.

I'll revisit this in two years and see how I did. If I remember.
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I wonder about how much of Tennant's decision to leave is/was based on his back issues. I mean, why decide/announce that you're leaving after the entire series schedule has be rearranged to suit your stage schedule. It just seems a bit odd to me.

That being said, I will wail and moan about DT leaving, much as I did when CE left, which was much as I did when Tom Baker and Peter Davison left. (although, I was right to do so when PD left. Colin Baker was a horrible replacement.)

But when it comes down to it, as long as the stories are good, I'll follow along happily.
I'm cool with it, too. The writing is what really matters, and I think Moffat will at least do something interesting.
Six. Nobody loves Six. Even Seven gets the love-- I enjoyed his appearance in That American Who Movie.
As soon as the reveal show started and Anthony Head's narration kicked in, I deflated a little. The logical part of me knew that he wouldn't be the Doctor, but another part of me was hoping very much that he would.

I wanted the Doctor to be an old bloke too. But would have settled for someone I've actually heard of.

Nice predictions for series five. Mine would be that the Doctor will get his first male companion for a while at some point.
Aha! ASH is still doing the Confidential narrations. Darn it, though, he'd have made a stunning Doctor. Though I have warmed to Tennant. Tennant had the guts to make the role his own and dig in with the extreme mannerisms. Which are what the Doctor demands. He's always been an eccentric.

A male companion would be fun. Particularly an older one. Though I'd also go for an older female companion, one not played for laughs. For instance, River Song.
I was all ready to start being a fan of Who...and then clicked on the link about the new actor and saw I'm older than he is. That kinda turns me off. Eh, will tune in to at least one episode just to see, though.
Yeah, do wait and see. The Doctor always changes. Only the TARDIS remains the same. And even she changes on the inside...
I think an awful lot of people were secretly hoping that ASH would manage to combine being Doctor Who with playing Uther, I guess it was never really going to happen, but I can dream. :)

I've seen Matt Smith in "The Ruby In The Smoke" and it's follow up, the name of which I'm totally mind blanking on right now. I think he'll be okay, he seems quirky enough to carry the role. We'll all have to give him a chance and see how he goes.
ASH was my secret, unspeakable hope, but I knew it wouldn't happen so I was okay. I'm getting plenty of him in Merlin and I'm enjoying it.

Quirky's good. Let's see how he does!
ASH was my secret, unspeakable hope, but I knew it wouldn't happen so I was okay. I'm getting plenty of him in Merlin and I'm enjoying it.

Oh, mine too. Bill Nighy would have been another good choice for an older Doctor, but I suppose at 59 he's probably too old now.

I'm hoping they decide to bring Captain Jack in for an ep with 11. *ahem*
He's nicely funny-looking in lots of his photos, which gives me some hope. I agree, but like you, was sekkritly hoping the Doctor would around 40 or so. Matt Smith is about my son's age *sighs*

The Tennant era fans will begin to understand what the classic era fans were on about, but will try not to say so out loud.

LOL! Very observant, or should that be prophetic? *g*

Yeah, I was thinking that I'm juuuuust about old enough to be this kid's mother. Which is weird. I didn't have that reaction to the Buffy teen stars, because I wasn't old enough then, so... Though the character is still the same at the core, the appearance matters. As the fandom shifts will tell us.
Wow. This is what comes of watching only the Fandom Channel - I thought Patterson Joseph was a done deal.
Yeah, I know! Then I saw the rumor sites this morning, all of which had it as Matt Smith. To which I had the #1 fan reaction: Huh? Who?

sahiya and I were talking about it this morning, and we agreed that "baffling" would be a much better choice than "wank-inducing", and hey! We got baffling! Let's enjoy it!
I think it's actually a good thing that not a lot of people have heard of him. No preconceptions, no baggage. I'm willing to give the kid a fair shot.
I agree. I think it may actually end up being more interesting to see what kind of people he gets as companions.
I also predict that when he introduces himself as the Doctor, instead of the response being "Doctor who?" it'll be "Aren't you rather young to be a doctor?"

Pushing aside my feminist annoyance of seeing this as yet another case of "Younger! White! Male! is bestest evah", there is an element of this that could be interesting to see explored - what it is like to look like someone whom the world dismisses because of their perceived youth. Even if one has a commanding presence, that's not always enough if you don't 'look' like a leader.

I just watched Prince Caspian, and particularly the insights into how Peter struggles with being seen as a kid, having been an adult and leader, it does give one pause for thought to imagine what life was life for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, having lived 15+ years in Naria, then reverted back to their original ages.

Which having said that, if they were going to go for young to explore that, it might have been interesting to go uber young and tap the actor who played Peter, William Moseley.
This is the most interesting thinking yet. The Doctor has a habit of bowling over the people around him and taking over a situation through sheer force of personality. That's about to get harder.

One thing that has struck me about Moffat's scripts, even the one for "Curse of Fatal Death", is that he conscious of the time-travel aspect of being a Time Lord. "Blink" explores a sadder aspect of time-shifting. Here, we have youthful appearance at odd with the true age and experience and tastes. What if this Doctor in this guise meets River Song? She'll see past the appearance, but how about the people around them?
Aren't you rather young to be a doctor?

I can't wait to hear what the writers come up with as a response along the lines of Eccleston's "lots of planets have a north..." -- it should be witty.
Cranky! Me is all "WTF? Oh Beeb, what happened to Paterson Joseph? You people blew it."

I mean, I'll give the new guy a chance, but still, I would have liked someone older for the Doctor.
I wonder if a boundary-bursting casting choice was overridden by the BBC higher-ups. Or if they were considering it, but the youth market won. Or... who the heck knows. The rumors could have been pure wishful thinking.

I would have dug somebody like the First Doctor. That would have thrown a monkey wrench into the shipping for some people. But really, I'm okay. I think this guy will make a fine Doctor. The writing will matter more.