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I'm curious where Tennant's career will go next.

I know this is all over your flists already, but I'll cut for people who don't care.

Just to recap, Eleven will be played by Matt Smith, who is even younger than Davison when he took the role. Wikipedia, IMDB.

My reaction? I dunno. No clue who the guy is. He's nicely funny-looking in lots of his photos, which gives me some hope. The scripts he's given will end up mattering more than they might have otherwise, unless he turns out to have that star charisma that carries everything. So I'm back to looking forward to Moffat's writing, which is where I was yesterday. Except that I'm secretly a little bit bummed, because I have a thing for older men and was hoping for an over-40 actor. But I know I am not the bulk of the viewing audience, so I'm mellow about not being catered to.

Here are my incredibly-easy-to-make predictions for Series 5.

He'll be a decent Doctor, carried by a quiet run of solid scripts plus one really great one. RTD will return to write the worst script of the series, which fanboys will hail as the best. The Who fandom will see an influx of younger fans, even younger than the ones Tennant brought in. The squealing will rise an octave in pitch. The Tennant era fans will begin to understand what the classic era fans were on about, but will try not to say so out loud. The real wank will be over who his Companion is. Or Companions are.

I'll revisit this in two years and see how I did. If I remember.
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