I would totally jump in but I can barely write smut, let alone kink. Oh what the hell. Maybe I'll try one later for kicks.
Never fear. These things wax and wane fairly regularly. I'll try a prompt tonight, mmkay? Just don't cry. The beer is salty enough. ; )
I've poured myself a tot of single malt and am attempting to write something completely unrelated. No weeping.
LOL. I'm in serious trouble if the femslash in the kink meme heats up. The novel revisions might just become even more sluggish...

LOL. No, see, as long as I don't give in and create a LJ or web page or other more permanent presence, I can pretend I haven't completely slipped back into fandom (and I don't have to admit to my partner that I am writing fanfic again and deal with the looks. Mr. P has nothing on my girl's looks).

Sigh. It's probably inevitable, but...for now, I resist. Even though icons are pretty...


Don't despair yet. It got me, a long time Buffy-verse reader but not poster, out of fanfic retirement (and addicted to it - I've written 3 now, and added 4 requests).

Also, the Merlin kink-meme is flourishing because of: (1) the new viewers and recent newness of the show, and (2) massive amounts of girl love for sweet-faced boyslash. Without the oodles (and oodles and oodles )of Merlin/Arthur, there would be little there. Plus, and not to be all snarky, not all the quality is as good...so, I'd take better over more.

I was hoping that once the holidays were over the Buffy kink meme would heat up. Maybe it will...

But if we keep quietly posting requests and fics, maybe it will snowball one of these days.

I was just noticing that the prompts seem to keep rolling in. Age of the fandom is certainly an issue. I have a past-due ficathon prompt to write this weekend, but I will attempt to write more of the kink meme prompts after, muse willing. There were a couple of new ones that piqued my interest.
I went to go look, saw a prompt and immediately started writing something in my head. The weird part is it was femslash and I don't particularly care for femslash. What the hell, maybe I'll go post something.
Write more, I guess.

Ooh, look: new prompts.


Good prompts.

I should probably do a G/X one, since neither one I did was. Shouldn't I?

Yes, you should. There are several really tasty ones. Including one that's so tasty that if somebody doesn't write it I will. Mmm, buzzy Giles.
Um...yes, please? Both of you? Yummm...I'll just be over here obsessively watching for them...well, and working on other things while I wait, but yes, yes, obsessively waiting...

Well, the working plan seems to be to put a call out to the friends. :D

Though, as you did, I am happy to play Anon over there, but I'll probably end up posting them to my own writing journal too. I'm not to shy about what I'll take a stab at writing.
That was sneaky of me, wasn't it? And glimmergirl pointed out that I got the Guilt Everybody Around Me Maneuver nailed on this one too. Hee!

I think there's no problem at all going non-anon after the fact. It's great that people can stay anon about requests and responses if they feel like it, though. Not everybody is happy to let the freak flag fly.