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Oh noes! Icon meme

I am bored, in a snarky mood, but restraining myself from snarking further, so here's a nice unargumentative meme to enjoy. Everybody likes icons!

Default Oldest Newest
Saddest Happiest Angriest
Cutest Sexiest Funniest
Fave Ship Fave Fandom Fave Animated
Best Quote Best Textless Best Stolen Idea
Use The Most Favourite

How many icons do you have: 156
How many available icons spaces: 195
If you could buy space for more, would you: Before they raised the cap by 50, yes. But now I can't fill my available slots or keep track of the ones I have, so no.
Do your icons make a statement: "I really like Anthony Head."
What fandom do you have the most icons of: Ha. BtVS
And the second most: Tie: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, with 4 each
What ship do you have the most icons of: Buffy/Giles
Are your icons made mostly by other people: Yes. 10000_pixels, ruuger, literati, katekat1010, and wickedfox, mostly.
Do you make icons: Yes
Are they any good: No
Animated icons are: Annoying, but I have my browser set to play them twice then stop, so it's okay.

I'm not sure what "best stolen idea" is supposed to mean, so I picked one that has a slogan that appears twice in my icon set. I have a Giles/Xander "manly men" one as well. Man, I love icons. They're one of LJ's big draws to me-- not just one image to represent self, but many to represent mood and content instead of identity. Lots of self-expression. Would like it even better if they were 150x150 instead.
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