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FIC: Telemetry (Buffy/Riley, FRAO)

Title: Liegeman 3/7: Telemetry
Pairing: Buffy/Riley, Giles/Buffy
Summary: Buffy and Riley go out on their date, and Buffy learns what Riley thinks is kinky.
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: Semi-public sex, exposure.
Word count: 4100
Prompt: 30. Kinky
Notes: All Blackmail stories, in order.

Riley was always on time for their dates, unless some Initiative operation interfered, but tonight he was better than on time. He was half an hour early, and Buffy hadn't really finished getting ready. She was dressed, new red skirt and a little black halter top to match, but hadn't done her makeup yet when he knocked on her dorm room door.

She let Riley in, then sat down to do her eyes. Something unsubtle tonight, for Riley's benefit. Figured he'd showed up early. She had been wondering what to do, if what she'd told Giles last night about needing to stay with Riley was correct. Giles was okay with it, but Riley would so very much not be.

In the mirror she could see him bouncing around the little dorm room. She brushed mascara onto one eye carefully, and said, "Hey, what's up?"

"Tonight's the night."


"I was thinking and thinking about this. I had a few ideas, then I woke up this morning and I knew what I wanted."

Buffy did the other eye and waited him out. Was it going to be a maid outfit? Whipped cream? It took him a while to work himself up to say it, and Buffy had moved on to the final touches on her eyes.

"I wanna have sex with you, in, um, in public."

Buffy put her mascara down and turned to look at him full on. He'd come still way over on the other side of the dorm room, with his back against the door. "Like, with people watching?"

Riley shook his head. "Not, like, on purpose in front of people, but in secret. In the Bronze, tonight, in a corner."

"Won't we get in trouble of the not fun kind?"

"I don't want to get caught. I just want to think, you know, that it's possible."

"Oh! I get it. Thrills and chills. Kinky," said Buffy, though really what she was thinking was that she'd just had a narrow escape.

What if his fantasy had gone further? What if he'd wanted his buddies to watch? She'd promised him in a fit of arrogance, almost, trusting it would not be all that extreme. She'd have had to go through with it, because she kept that kind of promise. But this, this semi-public thrill thing, this would be okay.

"You'll do it?"

"Yeah. I think it'll be exciting. Fun."

Riley slumped back against the door and fiddled with the lock. He wasn't looking at her. "One more thing."


"You wear no panties," he said. "Nothing underneath. Nothing to get in the way."

Riley's face had flamed out red. Buffy smiled as she stood up, because that was exciting for real. Shoes unstrapped and off for the moment, nylons off, sexy pink lacy panties off. Riley watched the underwear come off with eager eyes. He liked her in frilly underthings, and Buffy liked wearing them, so that worked out. Buffy put her shoes back on and turned to Riley with her panties hooked over her thumb. She held them up to him in proof, then tossed them into her laundry bag.

"Lift your skirt up," Riley said. His voice was harsh. Buffy did it. "Turn around. Oh, wow. You are so hot. Totally gorgeous. Oh, Buffy. You make me feel funny all over, like I'm buzzing."

He reached down and adjusted himself in his pants, then looked embarrassed. Buffy went over to him and put her arms around his waist. It was sweet and more than a little exciting to see what a charge this was giving him. It was power of a different kind.

"We're really going to do this," he said. He looked stunned.

Buffy smiled at him. She liked him sometimes. "Yeah, we're going to do it. C'mon. The Bronze is waiting."

At the Bronze, Riley insisted on paying the cover charge. He also bought the first round of Cokes. Buffy followed him with the drinks up the balcony stairs. They found a low table in the back, in the darkest corner. Riley sprawled himself down onto the battered love seat behind it. He tugged Buffy down onto his lap. He was still hard and Buffy bet that wouldn't be fading any time soon. Buffy wriggled against him a little bit, to torture him. Well, tease him, anyway. She kissed him, and he responded by sliding his hand up her skirt and teasing her in return. Buffy wasn't as turned on as he was, but she was definitely starting to simmer with his big hand on her inner thigh. It was the expression on Riley's face that was doing it more than anything else, his pure pleasure in lifting her skirt and finding her naked already for him.

Riley's finger slipped just inside her.

"I was thinking," he said. "About what you said the other day. About other positions being, you know, not something to get hung up about."


"Let's do it right now. Like this. You on top." He gave her that brilliant smile, all farm boy teeth and dimple, and Buffy couldn't help but grin back.

Riley took a quick look around the balcony. Then he lifted her skirt and bunched it up around her waist and held it there. She was as good as naked, in public. In a dark corner of the balcony at the Bronze, okay, and nobody was looking, but it was public. Riley took himself out of his camo pants and rolled a condom onto his penis. He always used them, even though she was on the Pill. He held himself in place and looked at her expectantly. Buffy shifted herself in his lap and eased herself onto him. Nice to have the quads that made this easy, holding herself over him, with the tip of his penis just inside. Riley's eyes were looking down, at his penis. Riley was like Giles in this fascination with looking at himself inside her. Guy thing? Buffy wasn't sure.

Buffy eased herself down until Riley was all the way inside and gave him a little squeeze. Giles had taught her to do that. Riley groaned. Buffy started to move. Riley pushed up to meet her, then grasped her hips to coax her into moving faster. Buffy smiled to herself and kept the pace slow. Tease him. Draw it out. It was his fantasy night, after all.

She imagined doing this to Giles. Mister Stuffy, in public, inside her, struggling to keep it off his face when he was close to coming, when he was coming. Giles, coming in public, shuddering underneath her, or maybe in her hand. She thought about how much power she'd have over him, at that moment, how he'd never choose to do it himself, but he'd fall all over himself to make her happy by doing it.

Riley's head was tipped back and his eyes were closed. "Yeah, God, so good. Can't believe this. All those people downstairs."

Buffy's eyes were open, so she could watch his face and the balcony stairs both. She moved a little faster and squeezed him a little tighter, and watched for what she wanted to see. The moment coming was inevitable, and the moment it started. Riley was a noisy guy by nature, but he was choking it down now. His face contorted and his jaw clenched, and there it was. Orgasm. His body tensed under her. Wow, this guy was built. Iron quads, amazing pecs, pumped biceps. Seriously sexy. Except-- Buffy imagined him with nipple clamps on, with a thick plug in his ass, flexing like this under her. How hot would that be? And she would never get to experience it for real. Because he would never like that stuff. Put anything up his butt? No matter how good it felt, he wouldn't let it happen.

Riley was the wrong guy. Buffy knew this for a certainty even while she watched him come underneath her, even while she knew she'd enjoy all the sex they'd have that night, even while she knew she would need to beg his forgiveness when it was all over and she told him about Giles.

Riley finished and slumped under her. "Oh, wow," he said.

Buffy tightened her grip around his neck, and snapped out an order. "Put my skirt down. Now."

Riley obeyed without thinking, then bridled. "What?"

"Forrest and Graham."

He smoothed down the skirt even further, but there was no chance to get disentangled. Buffy grinned at the look on his face. He was still inside her, still half-hard, and Forrest had just punched him in the shoulder.

"Hey. You're early," Riley said.

"We thought we'd let you know that we accomplished our little mission just now."

"Good, good. Can you give us a minute, fellas? Get me a beer."

Graham laughed, and Buffy was certain he knew what they were up to. "No, we're off beer, remember? It interferes. Vanilla Coke for us."

"Yeah yeah, whatever," Riley said. "Go get me one of whatever you're having, soldiers."

They grumbled, but turned around and headed back downstairs. They hadn't said hello to her or acknowledged her presence in the slightest. And that was weird, because usually they were at least friendly. Maybe it was because of what she and Riley were up to. Maybe that knocked her down from the level of peer to the level of... something Buffy needed to talk about with Giles.

Buffy knelt up and let Riley get himself cleaned up. Condom off, wrapped in a tissue, and tucked away into one of his pockets. Riley was all zipped back up, back in control. He looked pleased with himself. Buffy shifted so she was sideways on his lap. She mooched his Coke and drank until he protested and snagged it back. He finished it off then drank hers in revenge.

Buffy smiled down on him. "Was that close enough to getting caught to make you happy?"

"Yeah. Sheesh. Yeah."

Buffy kissed the end of his nose and fussed with his hair. It was just long enough to look mussed by what they'd done. That meant he was overdue for a haircut.

Riley rubbed her back. "Sorry I didn't make you come just then."

"It's okay. We were interrupted. So long as you make it up to me later."

Buffy gave Riley a mock pout and he looked relieved. He tugged her head down so he could reach her mouth and gave her a long kiss, with extra tongue.

"Thanks," he said, really quietly, and kissed her again.

They made out like that for a while. Riley's buddies appeared, with more Cokes instead of beer, as promised, and sat with them. They said hello to Buffy at last, and things felt normal, though Riley's hand was higher up on her thigh than it usually was in public. And she could feel him getting hard again underneath her.

The Bronze's annoying MC blared something, and the opening act lurched into a bad cover of AC/DC. The guys left them to go down and dance. Or mosh, rather, since dancing was something they only did when they had girlfriends. Buffy watched them disappear down the balcony stairs.

"Let's get out of here," Riley said. "Go home. Where we can take care of you the right way."

"Sounds like a plan."

Buffy insisted on a visit to the ladies room first, to make sure her clothes were straight. When she came out again, Riley was pacing back and forth, rubbing his hand in his hair. The bulge in his pants had gone from yellow alert to def-con five. He looked embarrassed.

"Hey, um, Buffy. Is the fantasy thing over? Or do I get to ask you again?"

"Offer open all night. It's your fantasy night."

Riley took her by the hand and led her back into the jumble of stage props in the Bronze storage area, near the closed-up manager's office. Buffy'd hunted many vampires back here and accidentally interrupted people having sex back here. Traditional location for it, back in the smashed-up drum kits and the busted stage lights. Riley stopped her under a bare lightbulb and pushed her back against the wall. His eyes had gone dark. All pupil. No embarrassment any more, just lust.

"Raise your skirt again for me. Yeah." His voice was strange again, the way it had been in her dorm room. He backed away a few steps and didn't stop looking at her. His gaze was locked below her waist. "Anybody could see you. Oh, man. Anybody could come right by and look at you."

Buffy was feeling uneasy about that, because it was true. She couldn't hear anything over the thud of the metal band playing. Anybody might be hiding in the back office. But she stayed where she was, skirt up, because she wasn't going to fink out on Riley. Not when she was already feeling guilty about cheating on him.

Riley was unzipping his pants and taking himself out. Another condom. He dropped the wrapper on the floor, which was completely unlike him.

"You are so incredibly hot," he said. He lifted her up and pushed himself into her without even asking if he could. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist and held on while he slammed into her, shoving her into wall hard. Harder than he'd ever done before. He came faster than he usually did, too. He let go of her and she slid back down to the floor. Then his knees collapsed and he tumbled onto the floor next to her, in complete stunned monkey mode. Post-sex dizzies, she guessed.

"Wow," he said again. He closed his eyes and let his head thump back against the wall.

Footsteps behind them, coming from the darkness where the office was. Buffy spun around. There was a guy there, mid-thirties, kinda well-dressed. His gaze flickered from Buffy's breasts down to her crotch and stayed there.

"Hey, gorgeous," the man said. He licked his lips. "That was quite a show."

Buffy covered her eyes with a hand for a second. How uber-humiliating. They'd been caught for real. Her skin crawled. The guy loomed over her and planted his hands on either side of her head. He leaned close and Buffy saw his eyes flash yellow. Well, well.

"Couldn't help but notice that Mister Square didn't have the stamina to satisfy you. A girl as hot as you deserves better. Why don't you come back to my place? I've been told my oral technique is inhuman."

His tongue flickered in his mouth and Buffy crinkled up her face in disgust.

"Sorry," she said. "You've seen what no vamp can see and live."

She kicked him across the room and into a spare drum kit. While he struggled to disentangle himself from the wreckage of the bass drum, she pulled the stake out of her purse. He was back up. Buffy took two running steps over to him and jammed the stake up and into his heart. The vamp death-scream, really loud in her ears, and then the shower of dust. Dust, everywhere. Buffy hated vamp dust. She said so to Riley while she shook out her hair and clothes. Riley shoved himself back to his feet and apologized for not helping.

"S'okay. It's my job."

"My job too."

Buffy turned away from Riley and did not say what was on her mind, because it would only end in a breakup sooner than she needed it to happen. "Let's get out of here for real," she said instead. "This place has now pegged the wig meter."

Out of the Bronze, across downtown, then back north toward the campus. They walked, because it wasn't far, maybe a mile to the campus edge, and the both of them were in seriously good shape.

Riley was bouncing around, jogging in place, bursting into a run every now and then. Buffy kept up with him easily enough, even in heels, but it was seriously puzzling. He was way antsier than he ever was normally. All the caffeine, she guessed. He'd had at least three Cokes back in the Bronze. He leapt up and grabbed tree branches to do impromptu pull-ups. He stopped at a park bench to do a few pushups with his toes on the bench and his hands on the ground. Buffy watched him and admired. She could do those too, of course. That morning Giles had had her doing them with her feet up on a giant inflated ball to improve her balance. He'd groused about her performance, though. And he probably wouldn't like Riley's form right now, despite all the raw muscle on display.

Though it was yummy raw muscle.

Riley grunted and shoved himself back to his feet. He sat on the bench, sprawled with his legs spread.

"Once we caught a pair of guys out here. Thought they were HSTs, but they were just, you know. One of my men wanted to beat them up, but I made him do pushups until he couldn't move his arms any more." Riley looked contemplative. "Sometimes I think there's something to this Jungian shadow concept. Professor Walsh is much more of a behaviorist, but I think--"


"Never mind. Hey. Um. That vampire was wrong, you know."

"Huh what?"

"I do have the stamina for you. C'mere."

Buffy shook her head. The game had turned creepy when the vampire had showed up and put her off public sex for life. She was still all worked up and unsatisfied, but she could wait for privacy.

"Aw, c'mon. Nobody's around here. This place is dead quiet."

Buffy relented, because of that nagging guilt in her gut. Riley's eagerness was almost cute, except that he was so worked up already that it wasn't really cute. He made Buffy kneel on the bench and lift her skirt up for him again. The sight made him rub his hands all over his face. Displacement behavior, Buffy thought, with the back of her mind. Like a cat grooming itself when it's upset. Then he made her turn around with her knees wide apart. Buffy thought of Giles, kneeling spread out like this, wire-tight and trembling in anticipation. On display. Waiting for her hand on him. But that was more for Giles than for her, and being on display was doing exactly nothing for her now.

She jumped when Riley touched her back. His hands were hot. He moved up close enough to slide his penis between her cheeks. Buffy wondered for a second if he was going to try something really surprising, but no. He penetrated into her belly for the third time that evening. He pushed himself in as deeply as he could and bent over her back. His hand snuck around and found her clit. Buffy made an encouraging sound. Riley started pumping.

"Wanna give you what you need, Buffy. How's this? Is this kinky enough for you?"

No, not really, but Buffy didn't say so. Instead she concentrated on his fingers on her clit. He was as good with his fingers as he was lame with his tongue, and she'd been excited for long enough that she could set aside her nerves if she concentrated. She managed to come twice before Riley finished. This time they didn't make out in the afterglow or talk or anything. Instead Riley zipped himself up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. They walked the rest of the way to his dorm snuggled up like that and silent. Something was off. Riley was not his usual self.

It felt better when they were in his room and Riley was watching her undress for bed. He was sheepish.

"Sorry I was so crazy while we were out. That was, just wow. I had no idea that fantasies could be so amazing in reality. We read all these case studies of people being disappointed--"

"Still feel like dismissing fetishes?"

She knelt up on Riley's bed, showing her body off a little bit for him, like she had earlier. It was still his fantasy night after all, and it felt way better now that he'd locked his door. Riley ran his hand down her back, then reached around to cup a breast in his big hand.

"Not sure. The whole thing was just amazingly good. But I feel okay it's over now. Much better to be here in private with you."

"Not something you'd do again?"

Riley shrugged and shook his head. He let go of her and bent down to unlace his shoes. "I don't really want anybody watching us. Getting caught by that vamp wasn't fun. I've seen other guys doing it. You try not to watch, but when they have the girls right there... I think they want to show off, you know, to other men."

"So what do you think about it? Watching, I mean."

Riley pulled his shirt over his head. "Can't help getting turned on by it. But mostly I think they aren't enjoying it. The girls, that is. They're just putting up with it. Not like you. You enjoy it for real."

"Yup. I do."

"Speaking of which, hey. Wanna enjoy it again?"

Riley waggled his eyebrows at her and Buffy burst into giggles. Riley finished undressing fast and dumped his clothes into a corner for once, instead of folding them. He rolled onto his back on the bed and put a condom on. Then he lay waiting for her. Wow. He wanted her on top again. Buffy wasted no time straddling him. She wanted it hard and fast herself this time. She didn't bother waiting for him to touch her, but took care of matters herself. It was a pretty good orgasm, and it sent Riley over too.

The cuddling afterward was nice. Riley was all soft and gooey after sex sometimes. Buffy fussed over him, stroking his face and hair, and tried not to think about what a horrible jerk she was being. Maybe she should just tell him now, quit with the subterfuge. She did like him, even if she didn't love him. If this thing with Giles hadn't happened, she might be content with Riley. And hey, maybe Riley wouldn't mind that she had a thing with Giles going. If it could be just sex for them, Buffy wouldn't mind. His body was fantastic. His arms and shoulders were so hard. And as for his chest-- Buffy stroked across his chest, then stopped.

There was an injury on his collarbone she hadn't seen before, two inches long with stitch marks and a bump. When had she last seen him with his shirt off? A week and a half ago, maybe. And he'd been unmarked then. She poked at it, and Riley flinched a little bit.

"Sorry. Just don't remember this."

"It's new. They put it in a week ago."


"Yeah, they have us on this experimental program. Nutrition, special exercises, that stuff. Need to monitor us, so they chipped us, sort of. Telemetry data, on our heart rates. That's the bump."

"Heart rates?" Buffy raised an eyebrow. "So they can guess what you're up to?"

"They correlate data with the logs. We have to fill 'em out daily. Sorry. I don't have to say who it's with."

"Yeah, okay," Buffy said.

Riley turned off the light and pulled up the covers. He tugged her down until her head was on his shoulder.

It wasn't okay. It was one thing to have your friends know it happened, because you ended up more or less knowing what nights were date nights and what nights were sleep-over nights. But it was another thing to think about Professor Walsh knowing. About a roomful of file clerks knowing. And it was bunk to think that they didn't know who it was with. Professor Walsh was seriously interested in the fact that Buffy was the Slayer, and Riley had dropped hints she was happy the two of them were dating.

The other thing she was thinking was that Spike had a chip, too, only his was in his brain. And that one did other things, interesting things, things that Buffy hadn't thought science was up to yet. Mind control stuff. She pulled and tugged at this in her head, pushing around puzzle pieces that weren't fitting together yet.

Four times Riley's heart rate had spiked that night. Four entries in the log. Or maybe he'd just say it once: Had hot date with the Slayer. Kept up with the Slayer. Four times in four hours. That was some serious stamina; the vitamins they had him on must be as high-tech advanced as the chip.

She lay in the dark in Riley's room, listening to him breathe. Slayers could see in the dark. Electronics could, too. How else was Riley monitored? How far did Professor Walsh's curiosity about the Slayer go? The hair on the back of her neck stood up.

She'd made the right decision.

Continued in "Desires".
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