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Another thing I have learned

It's possible to be very, very productive with one story while procrastinating madly about another. Every single word of Core Four story you'll get over the next couple weeks represents a minute I spent avoiding work on the Novel-Length Bond Story. I just oh-so-diligently wrote out a little plan for the next few C4 stories. Sex, violence, angry mothers, partners turning out to be imperfect human beings, you know, the usual.

Lord, but my crisis of confidence on the NLBS is going deep.

Okay, here's a question. Or two, rather. Which tarot cards best represent the Scoobies? One answer for trumps, and one answer for court cards. This is actually NLBS-related, since that's the story where I'm doing all the Christian-inflected mysticism stuff.

Facile trumps answer:
Buffy: the Fool
Giles: the Hierophant
Willow: the Moon
Xander: Strength

Trump cards are too bursting with pre-packaged symbolism for me to be comfortable with using them as character representations, though. The court cards are more manageable. Meaning, more vague, leaving more room for me to interpret things as I will.

If I were to get all schematic about it:
Buffy: Wands / Fire / Blue / South / Michael
Giles: Swords / Air / Green / East / Raphael
Willow: Cups / Water / White / West / Gabriel
Xander: Pentacles / Earth / Red / North / Uriel

Which would make it:
Buffy: Queen of Wands
Giles: King of Swords
Willow: Knight of Cups
Xander: Knight of Pentacles

I'm not sure exactly how this fits into the story yet. I have some tickling ideas about things that Willow does as she gets deeper into magic.

Your answers?
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