Another thing I have learned

It's possible to be very, very productive with one story while procrastinating madly about another. Every single word of Core Four story you'll get over the next couple weeks represents a minute I spent avoiding work on the Novel-Length Bond Story. I just oh-so-diligently wrote out a little plan for the next few C4 stories. Sex, violence, angry mothers, partners turning out to be imperfect human beings, you know, the usual.

Lord, but my crisis of confidence on the NLBS is going deep.

Okay, here's a question. Or two, rather. Which tarot cards best represent the Scoobies? One answer for trumps, and one answer for court cards. This is actually NLBS-related, since that's the story where I'm doing all the Christian-inflected mysticism stuff.

Facile trumps answer:
Buffy: the Fool
Giles: the Hierophant
Willow: the Moon
Xander: Strength

Trump cards are too bursting with pre-packaged symbolism for me to be comfortable with using them as character representations, though. The court cards are more manageable. Meaning, more vague, leaving more room for me to interpret things as I will.

If I were to get all schematic about it:
Buffy: Wands / Fire / Blue / South / Michael
Giles: Swords / Air / Green / East / Raphael
Willow: Cups / Water / White / West / Gabriel
Xander: Pentacles / Earth / Red / North / Uriel

Which would make it:
Buffy: Queen of Wands
Giles: King of Swords
Willow: Knight of Cups
Xander: Knight of Pentacles

I'm not sure exactly how this fits into the story yet. I have some tickling ideas about things that Willow does as she gets deeper into magic.

Your answers?
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Here are my tentative assignments, with some more tentative than others.

Fool: Buffy
Magician: Ethan
High Priestess: Jenny
Empress: Joyce
Emperor: Quentin Travers
Hierophant: Giles
Lovers: Spike & Dru
Chariot: Cordelia
Strength: Xander
Hermit: Oz
Wheel of Fortune:
Justice: Anya?
Hanged Man: Angel?
Temperance: Tara
Devil: Faith
Tower: Glory's tower
Moon: Willow
Judgement: The Four at the edge of the pit in Chosen

We agree on several points-- Ethan, the Tower. I think Snyder is an *excellent* choice for Emperor. I see the Emperor as more rigid than the Hierophant, more about authority and less about mentoring. Your idea of the Hierophant seems to be different from mine: Walsh is an inversion of Giles. I also like your choice for Death.

I chose Buffy as the Fool because it's Buffy's story.

I've only watched two episodes of the Angel series, so I can't slot those characters in. I haven't figured out Wesley or Drusilla, but they do deserve to show up.

Hmm. If I didn't stick with my element assignments for the four, which court cards would I pick?

Buffy: Queen of Wands all the way
Giles: King of Cups, yeah
Willow: Queen of Cups, maybe? Knight of Wands seems too charismatic for our Will.
Xander: Knight of Swords
K: Giles
Q: Tara
Kn: Willow (less advanced than Tara)

K: Cordelia?
Q: Anya (or maybe swap with Cordy?)
Kn: Gunn?

K: Wesley?
Q: Fred
Kn: Xander

K: Angel
Q: Buffy
Kn: Spike?

I think I understand the character of Fred well enough from some appearances in fanfic. Gunn I'm unsure of.
Here's another take:

Fool: Buffy in WTTH (though you can persuade me about Andrew)
Magician: Ethan Rayne
High Priestess: ?? (hidden powers, psychic awakening)
Empress: Joyce
Emperor: Snyder
Hierophant: Quentin Travers (or you could have a duo of Travers/Walsh)
Lovers: Spike & Dru OR Buffy & Angel
Chariot: the Citroen (control over emotion)
Strength: ?? (courage, patience, mind over matter)
Hermit: Oz
Wheel of Fortune: ?? (destiny)
Justice: Anyanka in vein-face
Hanged Man: Doyle
Death: First Slayer
Temperance: Glory/Ben (duality)
Devil: the Mayor
Tower: Glory's tower
Star: Drusilla
Moon: Jenny Calendar (something is not as it appears)
Sun: Superstar Jonathan? (celebration, end of battles, success, completion)
Judgement: The Four at the edge of the pit in Chosen
World: Dawn (end of the cycle)

Had a conversation with Mr Pedia about this last night, and thought about your reasoning a little. He argues that Dawn is iconic, as the Key made flesh, and thus can appear in the major arcana. The Moon is an animal card, and is tempting for Oz, but the Hermit made me think of him immediately. He left in search of knowledge of self.

It's possible to leave the wheel of fortune as the wheel. But the High Priestess and Strength need people. Eep. These guys probably deserve to show up, but I can't place them: Darla, Maggie Walsh, Whistler, baddies like Adam & the Master, Bringers.

Cups Pentacles Swords Wands
King Giles Lorne Wesley Angel
Queen Tara Anya Fred Buffy
Knight Willow Xander Gunn Spike
Page Dawn Cordelia Riley Faith

The vampires and Slayers both wanted to be Wands. The mages Cups. The warriors into Swords.

What a fun way to waste time, eh? Anything but write! Anything!