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2008 fic round-up

I wrote 28 stories totalling 75910 words in 2008.

Stories posted in 2008

Gunpowder Tea - Buffy/Wesley, FRT
Wesley's in Cleveland, cleaning up after Merrick's career. He thinks he doesn't have a Slayer. 2239 words. 2008-02-17.

The Co-Conspirators - gen, FRC
Rupert is taken shopping in London by his grandmother. 1806 words. 2008-02-23.

Flannel Sheets - gen, FRC
Giles's flat in Bath has a guest room. 466 words. 2008-02-26.

Sorrows End - Giles/Buffy, FRM
Buffy's still got a hole in her side. 7454 words. 2008-03-02.

Confessions - Giles/Jenny, FRT
It's Valentine's Day, and Giles and Jenny don't have the conversation he was expecting. 1472 words. 2008-03-07.

Office Hours - Giles/Xander, FRM
Xander shows Giles the best way to spend an hour locked in your office. 1165 words. 2008-03-09.

Roses - Giles/Anya, FRT
Roses, history, tea, and decisions. 1199 words. 2008-03-09.

Baritsu - gen, FRT
Buffy demands an explanation. 1003 words. 2008-03-11.

The Guardians - Giles/Jenny, FRC
Buffy learns about names and magic. 1579 words. 2008-04-03.

What Friends Are For (Flow My Tears Remix) - gen, FRT
Xander takes steps to make sure he remembers what he needs to. 1812 words. 2008-04-12.

Sparks - Giles/Xander, FRT
Giles and Xander attempt to figure out what happened in Willow's last moments on the cliff. Something strange, that's for sure. 4251 words. 2008-05-11.

Rehabilitated - Giles/Ethan, FRT
Giles brings Willow back to the coven, where Ethan is waiting. 1926 words. 2008-05-26.

Quirks and Remnants - Giles/Ethan, FRM
New Year's Eve: champagne, sarcasm, and sex. 2548 words. 2008-05-26.

Patience - Giles/Jenny, FRM
Giles's first experience with Jenny. 1941 words. 2008-05-28.

A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse - Giles/Buffy, FRM
Giles, Buffy, and Xander drink to fallen friends in a remote motel room. 4995 words. 2008-06-01.

Bootprints - Giles/Xander, FRM
Xander and Giles discuss the relative merits of the back seat and the front seat of the typical American automobile, among other things. 3813 words. 2008-06-30.

Bent - Giles/Xander, FRM
Giles and Xander shower after a messy patrol, and things get messier. 1701 words. 2008-06-30.

Banter - Giles/Xander, FRM
Once again, Xander distracts Giles from the nerve-wracking business of waiting. 2537 words. 2008-06-30.

Weapons - Giles/Xander, FRM
Giles shows Xander the one possession he retains from his earlier life: his bowie knife. It has a history. 3152 words. 2008-06-30.

Liegeman - Giles/Buffy, FRAO
Buffy settles into command of her liegeman, but finds that the rest of her life is complicated, and dangerous where she'd expected safety. 5668 words. 2008-07-09.

Timeout - Giles/Xander, FRM
Tonight, Xander’s in charge. 3497 words. 2008-07-26.

Trio - Giles/Xander, FRM
Giles dreams of the past, and wakes to the present. 1693 words. 2008-07-26.

Rollercoaster - Giles/Xander, FRM
Giles clears the way for future fun. Xander decides he's a bad, bad boyfriend. 2485 words. 2008-07-26.

Gifts - Giles/Buffy, FRM
Giles and Buffy dally in a stone circle. 2838 words. 2008-08-25.

Memory - Giles/Xander, FRM
Xander wants to carry his memories with him. Giles isn't sure. 3024 words. 2008-08-31.

A Short Rest - gen, FRC
Xander's convinced it's Hellmouthy, but probably it's just the flu. 4745 words. 2008-10-08.

Likely Stories - gen, FRC
A Scooby signs up for NaNoWriMo. 670 words. 2008-12-04.

Concealed Weapons - Giles/Buffy, FRT
Giles is cleaning his pistols. Buffy has some questions. 4231 words. 2008-12-13.

2008's resolutions and their outcomes

Post the next section of T&P: Ahahahahahahaha. No.
Finish "Reconnection" & "Ars Draconis": Ahahahahahahaha. No.
Do the Remix ficathon again, but otherwise limit ficathon participation: I did better.
Finish the Holmes crossover sequel, "The Professor and the Adept".: No. Damn.
Write the "Thusia"-verse Cruciamentum story: No. Huh. This story still interests me.
Finish the signet ring story that I started for 2007's Summer of Giles: This story will be the one I finish for the Big Bang.
Make significant progress on the long story in the "Breaking Glass" universe.: No.
Write a new Giles pairing of some kind: I wrote a short Giles/Anya thing, but otherwise I didn't make this happen. I did write more Giles/Jenny.

2008 by the numbers

2007's totals were 32 stories and 200,772 words. The longest 2008 story was just over 7000 words. So I wrote shorter stuff this year.

10 Giles/Xander
6 gen
5 Giles/Buffy
3 Giles/Jenny
2 Giles/Ethan
2 stories not involving Giles at all
0 wips finished

The year of Giles/Xander slash. It's interesting that Giles/Ethan counts only twice, because it's such a omnipresent Giles ship for me. I treat it as canonical, so like Giles/Jenny it's there as character history in a lot of stories that don't focus on it.

I consider 2008 to have been a bad writing year. Though I guess I have only 3 data points to compare: 2006, 2007, 2008. But still, I'm not happy with what I wrote during the middle of the year. I'm happier with what I've been working on recently. If all goes well, I'll have a bunch of stuff reaching readability in the first months of 2009. And speaking of which...

Resolutions for 2009

Write the stupid Giles/Spike ficathon story, you idiot. Do it in January.
Finish the signet ring/time travel story for the Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon.
Do Remix again, since it's always so much fun.
Do Drunken!Giles again.
Otherwise, say no to exchange ficathons.
Plan ahead for a strong showing in Summer of Giles and Spring with Xan.
Finish one WIP. Any WIP. Pick one.
Write longer stories overall. No more 1500 words and out.
Write some Giles/Spike in addition to the ficathon story.
Write more gen.
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