Christmas checklist

Bring dimmer dog to vet on Christmas Eve following chocolate bar theft incident: check.
Attain "Merrymaker" title in WOW for paladin main: check.
Attend Christmas Day gathering at the home of nemaihne, along with other un-familied people? Check.
Realize that it was, in fact, a WOW guild Christmas for us all: check.
Eat nemaihne's cooking until stuffed: check.
Eat traditional banana cheesecake: check.
Watch lots of Top Gear: check.
Play Rock Band until past midnight with Mr nemaihne: check.
Do housework and pay bills on Boxing Day: check.
Eat remaining chocolate to console self for the above: check.
Forget to go to work on Boxing Day, even though it was not a holiday: oops.
Be meowed at by cats who were fed five minutes ago, I swear: check.
Watch Doctor Who Christmas special: not yet.
Write late ficathon story: not yet.
Write upcoming ficathon story: not yet.
Finish Christmas-y Giles/Xander story in time for Christmas: oops.
Work on ridiculous prawny Giles/Xander story: check.
Work on Giles-Buffy smarmy story with overly-religious tentative title: check.

How's your checklist looking?
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I admire your zeal in not going to work and observing Boxing Day. Of course, you were merely being observant and honouring a holiday that both Giles and Wesley observed.

BTW, your post today cracked me up. In a good way!
Holidayish hugs,
Indeed! I join our favorite Englishmen in their traditional holiday.

Festive hugs with an eggnog chaser to all!
How's dimmer dog doing after the chocolate consumption?

I enjoyed the DW Christmas special. The only spoiler I'll give you is that RTD is apparently on anti-depressants this year.

I'm both horrified and amused that you forgot go to work today. Horrified, because 'forgetting' to go to work is one of my biggest unreasonable fears. Amused, because I spent all day trying to figure out what day is was.
Dimmer Dog had a miserable night but was fine by noon the next day. Idiot dog. He'll do it again, too. He's been on a restricted diet recently for other medical fu (he's getting elderly), and it's turned him into a driven doggie. He got on top of something he's never managed to leap onto before to get that chocolate.

My job is pretty unscheduled: I have a pile of work to do, and a beta date to reach, but otherwise I can be in the office to do it or not. My conscience will demand that I make up the day at some point. Probably the office was painfully quiet. Heh.
Mostly unchecked due to:
Forget to go to work on Boxing Day, even though it was not a holiday: oops.
Except that mine goes:
Learn on Christmas Eve that week long Christmas holiday is not in fact week long, but only two days :-(

So nearly everything I was planning to do will have to wait till my annual leave, or until I quit. Whichever comes first.
I love that you completely forgot to go to work. That must have been some Christmas evening!
It was a bit, erm, late. And I did sleep late to start the day off. (Aside from a 5am wakeup call from a cat outraged to discover that the door was closed.)