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Christmas checklist

Bring dimmer dog to vet on Christmas Eve following chocolate bar theft incident: check.
Attain "Merrymaker" title in WOW for paladin main: check.
Attend Christmas Day gathering at the home of nemaihne, along with other un-familied people? Check.
Realize that it was, in fact, a WOW guild Christmas for us all: check.
Eat nemaihne's cooking until stuffed: check.
Eat traditional banana cheesecake: check.
Watch lots of Top Gear: check.
Play Rock Band until past midnight with Mr nemaihne: check.
Do housework and pay bills on Boxing Day: check.
Eat remaining chocolate to console self for the above: check.
Forget to go to work on Boxing Day, even though it was not a holiday: oops.
Be meowed at by cats who were fed five minutes ago, I swear: check.
Watch Doctor Who Christmas special: not yet.
Write late ficathon story: not yet.
Write upcoming ficathon story: not yet.
Finish Christmas-y Giles/Xander story in time for Christmas: oops.
Work on ridiculous prawny Giles/Xander story: check.
Work on Giles-Buffy smarmy story with overly-religious tentative title: check.

How's your checklist looking?
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