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Oh noes! You're going to make me drop and give you twenty BG stories, aren't you.

Pushup count this morning: 13.
Pushup count on last trial: 4.
This morning's were quality pushups, too, body flat, going down much deeper than last time. Much better range of motion. I credit the TRX chest presses for that, because they let me work out with the full proper pushup motion.

My handy-dandy fic archive web site generator is kinda swell these days. I abstracted all the page generation stuff the other day, so I can build the dirty-pages list more flexibly. Upshot is that I don't regen the latest-stories page and the atom feed unless it's really changed. Also, if I change a template, everything that uses that template rebuilds. Gnee! Gnee!

Still completely unusable by other human beings, but the generalizations are moving it in the right direction. The method of getting stories into the db is still kludgy; I'm comfortable enough with it that I haven't had a major incentive to write a new one. This is where many hobby programming projects stall out, of course. Another place: I keep thinking that I should rewrite in Ruby/Merb instead of Python/Pylons for deployment reasons. Why do all the Python web app frameworks suck? Why does Ruby itself suck, thus making the goodness of Merb + Datamapper irrelevant?

This is not the kind of dithering that leads to finished projects. At least I'm still happy with the overall approach: a web app injects content into a database, then generates the site as a set of static pages. Static pages are cheap to serve in a number of ways.

Memey question for you today, spotted all over the flist: If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?
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