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FIC LINK: 5 kinkmeme prompts I wrote

These are the ones I wrote:

Buffy/Giles, Giles whipping Buffy
Buffy/Oz/Xander, rough sex, oral, anal, whipping, Buffy receiving
Giles/Ethan, 'bound and beaten', oral
Giles/Xander, dom/sub, body piercing
Willow/Xander, Xander spanking Willow

Did you guess, if you played that game? I think the BG one was very guessable, but the two without Giles were stylistic shifts for me, and maybe harder to guess. For the GX one, I pulled the embarrassing stunt of writing my own prompt. But I thought it probably wouldn't get written otherwise, and then suddenly an idea occurred to me, and away I went.

The GE was written the fastest, over the course of a couple of hours, and it merely implies that sex will happen later. (And it's the one I consider morally gray, unlike the others which are all sort of squishy at their hearts.) The others more or less took me a day apiece. I are slow. And prolix. I have several more in progress that just aren't clicking yet for me. I keep having long, plotty ideas for the Giles in school uniform prompt, for instance. Or I keep seeing bits of the Giles/Ethan-as-schoolboys crossover with Doctor Who instead of the short prawny response required here.
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Heh. Didn't guess the W/X or the B/O/X, but, in all fairness, I couldn't bring myself to finish the latter. Nothing wrong with the writing, I just couldn't get through the kinks. :)
The latter was pretty hard-edged. Sort of surprised me where it went. An edit might have picked out the animal-spirit stuff even more. Hrm.
I knew you had *something* to with the Giles/Xander prompt. :) Also suspected the Giles/Buffy and Xander/Willow, but couldn't be sure. There was one I thought was you that wasn't, too.
Wow. You were prolific. I guessed the G/X and B/G ones were yours, but didn't guess the others. I was so into the G/E one - wished for more. :}

Thanks for doing this - it actually pulled me out of my self-imposed fanfiction retirement and I posted my first fanfic in 4 years, and my first in the Buffy-verse. (Wish now I had taken the time to proofread better, or had a beta, but it felt good to post something in the fandom I have enjoyed so much). thanks.

The Kink Meme - I took up the rough and angry Xander/Giles (which then went a little out of control). I wish I had taken the time to proof better and did one last revision (my patience makes perfect skills are a little rusty, apparently) but otehrwise I felt pretty good about it. And it was nice, because I really felt like I had to go cold-turkey from fanfic to write original stuff, but I was kind of stalled out on revising the novel and that bit of writing really got the juices flowing, thanks. :}

Very nice going. The Buffy/Oz/Xander was particularly fun.

I didn't really try to guess, because I'm lazy. And I toyed with writing some of my own prompts, but didn't get to them.

I'm now going to sit over there, and employ my mental powers to help you write plotty Giles in school uniform.

In response, I shall write a few more words of the Giles & Ethan as schoolboys thing. No. Wait. I have GX to write. ARGH. No time left, either.