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FIC LINK: 5 kinkmeme prompts I wrote

These are the ones I wrote:

Buffy/Giles, Giles whipping Buffy
Buffy/Oz/Xander, rough sex, oral, anal, whipping, Buffy receiving
Giles/Ethan, 'bound and beaten', oral
Giles/Xander, dom/sub, body piercing
Willow/Xander, Xander spanking Willow

Did you guess, if you played that game? I think the BG one was very guessable, but the two without Giles were stylistic shifts for me, and maybe harder to guess. For the GX one, I pulled the embarrassing stunt of writing my own prompt. But I thought it probably wouldn't get written otherwise, and then suddenly an idea occurred to me, and away I went.

The GE was written the fastest, over the course of a couple of hours, and it merely implies that sex will happen later. (And it's the one I consider morally gray, unlike the others which are all sort of squishy at their hearts.) The others more or less took me a day apiece. I are slow. And prolix. I have several more in progress that just aren't clicking yet for me. I keep having long, plotty ideas for the Giles in school uniform prompt, for instance. Or I keep seeing bits of the Giles/Ethan-as-schoolboys crossover with Doctor Who instead of the short prawny response required here.
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