The universe is expanding. What's the point?

Well, I did it. I pulled the trigger on buffy_bigbang. We are go. I stretched out the dates even further, safe in the knowledge that sahiya is on an airplane and can't hit me over the head with a book for letting it run on too long. Now I gotta write up the banner & icons post to show off the goodies katekat1010 made for us, and write up something for the noticeboards. And have a nervous breakdown.

Sign up, join the comm, and let's get writing our long stories!
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All I have to do is track stuff, remind people of other stuff, and keep information organized. I can do that!
Don't think I don't know that you're trying to kill me.

Here I am, itching to sign up, except oh yeah, I have to finish the two ridiculously huge fics I've got. And I'm embarrassingly out of practice with drawing.

Must. Finish. Current. Fics.

I'm hoping this will force me to finish the time-travel teenaged-Ripper fic, which I've had in progress since summer 2007. Erk. The short stuff is so much easier.
I *want* to sign up. I very much do. But I know in my heart I need to put my energies elsewhere.
If the time isn't right, that's the way it is. No worries in any direction. Enjoy the stories when they're posted!
Oh wow, that looks like so much fun. I'd sign up like a shot, but we're going travelling next year - thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail from March to October, will probably die without 24/7 internet access - and won't be around.

The bounus for me is that when I get back in October I'll be able to overdose on six months worth of excellent fic. Good luck with the ficathon, it's going to be awesome.
Mr Pedia just read an article to me about how most American women prefer going without sex for two weeks over going without the Internet for two weeks. But through-hiking the Appalachian trail sounds amazing!
I'm considering it. But I'm terrified. I haven't written anything long in quite a while.

But damn it, I have this B/G story that is slowly picking away at my brain.