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Also good: Mozart when the officemates are in hard-core dissonant 20th century composer mode

Two stories in progress, plus the usual fidget story (aka drawer fic that sometimes shows up in public eventually): Giles/Spike prawny character fic (very late for ficathon) and Giles/Xander plotty Xmas fic. The fidget story is also G/X. Drunken!Giles fic is due later this month but I know exactly what I'm doing for it. Heh. I have a number of other things in varying states of completeness that might lurch forward and demand attention at any time. The only thing I'm disciplined about is the carving out of writing time from my life thing. Once that time begins, the brain is utterly unleashable. Mostly I attempt to lure it into writing what I want it to by waving shiny things in front of it.

My professional working habits are way more like that than I'm happy to admit.

The kink meme seems to have slowed down with 15 responses posted. There's at least one more I wanted to write, a prompt requested by two of you; will attempt to post some time in the next couple of days. I like that all of the responses are solidly character-driven pieces. In particular, Wesley got some fine writing. I loved the Giles/Wes hands prompt & response. (Thus I reveal that neither was mine. Will list the ones I wrote at the end of the week, I think, unless it picks up.)

Today's pleasure is "100 Things Crowley Would Do Before the World Ended", a Good Omens fanfic. This is an anonymous-at-the-moment seasonal fest fic. Awesome.

Another pleasure today is my order of soap from Wylde Ivy, which included bay rum soap for Mr P. Mmmmmmmm.

Random: Proof that Australians know how to have fun.
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