It turns out that what I really want now is...

A retelling of "A Scandal in Bohemia" with House and Wilson. And a medical conundrum instead of a simple blackmail-worthy photograph. (Perhaps the macguffin could be paternity test results?) I blame Wilson himself for this plot bunny.

No, you can't tell me to write this. I already have Merlin fic chugging along.
Sounds interesting, but I am wooting for the chugging-along Merlin fic. Just found Merlin online and I can hardly wait to see what you do in that world. Work at your pace, but...woot! woot! for knowing it's coming...
Merlin sucks dead polar bear dangly bits. I'll watch ANYTHING, but not that. I gave it a go, I really did, honestly.

On the other hand, I'll rewatch Jeremy Brett's Holmes again and again and again... And there's a dearth of decent Holmes fanfic out there. Your obligation is clear ;-)

What must you be bribed with? I have Smarties and Fruit Pastilles, even Revels if that's your thing...
Can you bribe me with two weeks of uninterrupted writing time at some retreat somewhere? Because that's what I really need right now. Bleat. *bangs head on desk at rapidly vanishing weekend*

Too many projects! Not enough time!

PS: Will take Smarties instead. Yum.

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I am afraid of really acquiring a new fandom, but I might go rummaging around through existing House fic to see if this has been done. Because the Holmes connection has got to have been clear to everybody all along.
Oh, I know what you mean about a new fandom. I've been dancing around the House-dom for quite awhile but I've yet to make the plunge. I'd be really interested in hearing if you find anything good in your rummage. Even if the Holmes connection has been done I'd be surprised if your specific idea had been written.