To House, she is always the woman.

While I was snickering helplessly all through Wilson's Irene Adler tale, and while I enjoyed the office-remodel pigtail-ink-dipping along with the truly sweet desk gesture (and then the little scene Cuddy sees that spoils it for her)... I can't help but think that these writers are never going to change anything, not truly. They'll play a long slow game with their viewers, tantalizing with House/Cuddy moments. Like that utterly scorching kiss. But they'll never put out.

It makes for hollow TV viewing in the long term. You have to risk change to get true emotional involvement. Like killing Wash. Or CTB. So these writers already know that. Can't they take another chance?

Foreman/13... I dunno. Maybe.
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I've been really enjoying House lately. Seems much better than the last 2 seasons. I once read an interview with either the creator of the show or the head writer. He was asked which pairing the writers were going to shoot for and he said it would eventually be House/Cuddy. I think House needs to go through some changes himself before they can let him be happy in a relationship, though, so I'm not too concerned with the writers dragging their feet.

The forums are referring to Foreman/13 as Foreteen :p. Not too sure about it myself. I keep swinging back and forth between liking her and getting irritated by her. Will have to wait and see how that plays out.
Foreteen: hilarious. Though it's still a smushed pairing name and therefore still evil.

I'm okay with it taking a while to arrive, so long as it does. The tease without the payoff is the thing that drives me crazy. Sigh.
While I personally don't care for House and Cuddy as a couple I do agree that the writers need to take a chance again like they did with killing Amber and then having Wilson leave. It does make for better television.

As for Thirteen, she's a bit overexposed at this point in my opinion. We've got all this background on her and her disease, even an entire episode revolving around her and her bad choices. When will we get the same for Kutner and Taub?
We're getting character development for all three of them, albeit slowly sometimes. Kutner has been deepening, for instance, with that bullying thing. Taub is maybe the one who's still a bit of a mystery.

I've been shipping House/Cuddy since S1, so I'm cool with it. I just hope they allow Cuddy to stay a strong character right through it.