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Good things, an unordered list

Top Gear, which is just amazingly hilarious and why haven't I been watching it until now?
• 50 new icon slots. Enough to express new fandom interests, because iconses are how we say such things.
• Dinner with friends, like I had Tuesday night with barbana and truwest.
• Coffee breaks with beloved coworkers.
• Chocolate chip cookies. Like the one I just ate.
• Chest flies and shoulder presses and the muscle soreness that comes the day after them. Realizing that my posture has completely changed because of core body strength. Opening a jar with my bare hands.
• Trying on pants from the drawer with the next size down, and observing that it'll be real soon now.
• Writing fiction that satisfies me.
• The kink meme, both prompts and responses. The Buffy fandom is awesome.
• Listening to Mr Pedia babble at the dogs.
• The shaggy cow-colored cat in his unbelievably plush winter coat.
• The mouthy inky blot cat and her nose-nudging.
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