Good things, an unordered list

Top Gear, which is just amazingly hilarious and why haven't I been watching it until now?
• 50 new icon slots. Enough to express new fandom interests, because iconses are how we say such things.
• Dinner with friends, like I had Tuesday night with barbana and truwest.
• Coffee breaks with beloved coworkers.
• Chocolate chip cookies. Like the one I just ate.
• Chest flies and shoulder presses and the muscle soreness that comes the day after them. Realizing that my posture has completely changed because of core body strength. Opening a jar with my bare hands.
• Trying on pants from the drawer with the next size down, and observing that it'll be real soon now.
• Writing fiction that satisfies me.
• The kink meme, both prompts and responses. The Buffy fandom is awesome.
• Listening to Mr Pedia babble at the dogs.
• The shaggy cow-colored cat in his unbelievably plush winter coat.
• The mouthy inky blot cat and her nose-nudging.
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I am seriously loving the kink meme. I've written two things for it so far, both of which are different from anything I've done before. Would it be considered cheating if I were to repost them in my own journal at some point?
I think the accepted behavior is to let the meme run for a bit until it's mostly over. Then you can repost or admit which ones you wrote. At least as far as I've seen by watching other other memes-- people seem to stay anonymous while they're cooking.

I also wrote something I've never written before.
Cool. That's basically what I was thinking.

I've been trying to puzzle out what you might have written... :)
Top Gear has been one of my guilty pleasures for years. Those guys are just so much fun. They record it not far from where I live. I really need to get tickets some time.
"This car weighs less than the driver," says Jeremy, reviewing the Lotus. And the Ford Fiesta review is just unbearably good.
You need to see the ep where they made boats out of cars and tried to sail them over the English Channel, the busiest shipping lane in the world. :) Communist cars was a good ep, must see Africa, drive a car from mainland Europe to Birmingham without refuelling and buying a luxury car for under £10,000. "You can buy a luxury car for under £10,000 but please ..... don't!" (I think it was £10,000, I might be wrong here. I'm usually watching on Sunday nights whilst cooking dinner.)
I hated Top Gear - right up until I accidentally watched it. Now it's my favourite show on the box. And YouTube, for that matter!
The kink meme: I arrived late, and kicked myself for taking so long. I now refresh it as often than my friends page.

And Top Gear... ditto, actually. Have you seen the Africa challenge? omg, So good. My friend made me watch that ep, and I was hooked.

Have not seen Africa challenge! Must find it. I've just been watching the thing on Communist cars. "I can't think of anything worse!" "I can."
Africa: series 10, episode 4.

Ooh, I haven't seen Communist cars.

I didn't get why a car show was so popular, until I watched it and realised it's not a car show: it's three guys being British and sarky, with a car theme.