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Big Bang:sahiya and I got together in real-world-space this weekend and watched a lot of Doctor Who. The First Doctor is a total jerk! I kinda like him. But in addition, we polished off the schedule for the Big Bang ficathon. katekat1010 has done lovely graphic design work for buffy_bigbang and now all the ficathon needs is for me to get over my nerves and fling the doors open. I'm afraid of making big obvious mistakes running it, because I still feel like a newbie at the business of fandom. I suppose the good will of all involved will get us over any of my pratfalls.

Merlin: If I weren't already shipping Uther/Morgana, the latest episode (#12) would move me to it. Holy swords as sexual subtext, Batman! Everyone already ships the boys, of course, from the dragon to Uther to the mainstream press. But this ship is truly hot and twisted and tense. ASH has chemistry with everyone he's ever been on-screen with, which strikes the first sparks. And then the relationship these two have, in plain right-out-there canon text, is so intense that the subtext can't help but be molten metal hot. Especially recommended for people who like enemies-as-lovers and hate!sex. Yet simple passion between them is also plausible.

I want to write fic where Uther gets Morgana pregnant in a night of drunken passion, decides to make her his queen, and then Arthur goes all angsty and worried about being replaced. (Merlin will of course comfort him.) Yeah. Total soap opera urge. Stop me.

Birthdays: Our parents must have been bored in February and March, is all I can say, because so many of us are celebrating now as the year wanes. Many happy returns to carlaland, liz_marcs, kenyacandoit, ljs, agilesreader (who maybe doesn't realize how responsible she is for the depth of my involvement in Giles fandom!), and Mr Pedia.

May the next year bring you all surprising pleasures and unexpected happiness!

Absurdity: There is now a die-cast model of a Lotus Elise on my desk, but alas it is 1:18 scale, so my 1:12 scale figures of Giles and Buffy cannot ride in it. If you laugh I will de-friend you. Bah.

Random: Daniel Hemmens on lessons learned from NaNoWriMo. You may remember him from such articles as "Harry Potter and the Doctrine of the Calvinists", about the moral horror at the center of the HP books. With which opinion I realize many of you will disagree, but about which Hemmens is vastly entertaining. Which, as he learns from NaNo, is a hard thing to be.
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