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His relationship with The Bond Girl(tm) was refreshing.

Today: Giles/Spike, kink meme, more birthday prompts, interspersed with housework. And my secret goal of spending as much of the day as possible under warm blankets. Also, I will probably ponder how to fill my 50 new icon slots. At last, a new LJ feature I truly care about!

Last night I saw Quantum of Solace finally, on mad impulse by nemaihne & Mr N. It did not begin as a good movie (too frenetic & improbable) but it ended as a good movie. And Craig now owns the role.

Random: The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon from December 1. It was cloudy where I am on the first, but we got a good view of the conjunction on the night before. Lovely.
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I must admit, I didn't like the new Bond. I hated the fast editing and the constant POV changes with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, however, I did like the slower parts of the movie. And I adore Judi Dench as M.

The reason why I'm stopping by is the masterlist for the Ethan ficathon. Somehow my link is broken....
*wanders off to check your October 2007 entries*
Ignorant chase scene
So it opens with a chase scene. Shots are fired, cars are damaged, gendarmes are killed. It lacks what I want in a chase scene, which is the sense that the protagonist is outwitting the chasers. When Jason Bourne is running through the embassy, he stops himself, goes back and gets the guard's radio, he rips an emergency exit sign from the wall and uses it to do some planning. When he is driving the mini you get the sense of him asking "What can a mini do that those cop cars cannot do?".

I suppose there are other things a chase scene can do, fancy driving techniques, raw nerve, etc. I didn't feel we saw much (any?) of that either. It was just stuff happening.

But the kicker is the reveal of a passenger in the trunk, so really that previous chase scene was MUCH MORE tense than we imagined. But we can't go back and feel differently about it. It seems like a waste, like ignorant filmmaking.
Re: Ignorant chase scene
The chase scenes in Transporter 3 were far more motivated, though they were also less artfully filmed. That descent into the quarry in the first chase was lovely. But, as you say, unmotivated unless one recalls the ending of the previous film and knows to join the two together. Which the typical viewer can't be expected to do.