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The way to get what you wish for is to go out and make it.

Hey. Buffyverse anonymous kink meme. This is a fandom sensation that's sweeping the nation starting (as far as I can tell) from the anime and gaming fandoms.

You post an anonymous prompt for characters and a desired kink. Which, in the usual fannish sense, could be anything from schmoopy flufic to conventional sexual kinks. Somebody sees your prompt, likes it, and writes an anonymous response. Short, usually, but not always. In turn, you scan the list of prompts and fulfill a request yourself, thus earning good karma.

Great way to get your feet wet, I think. No pressure, no obligations, no judgement. Just fun.

Speaking of making things happen oneself, I also need to get myself into gear on the Buffyverse Big Bang aka buffy_bigbang. sahiya has approved my schedule and rules proposal, so I need to write it up for real with all the details I can pack in. And then post it.
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Can I just say that I'm dancing with glee at the thought of a buffy big bang? yay!
just a random thought - do you want art for the comm? cuz i'm going to need a brain-release this weekend and would love to do a banner/icons/pimpgraphics
Yes yes yes yes! Love you for volunteering!

Buffyverse Big Bang. BtVS & AtS should both be represented. An icon for the comm, a banner for the comm, and you can instruct me on which layout/colorset to use if you feel inspired. Icons for participants would be awesome but not necessary. End of instructions! I trust you :)