The dressing room is half the fun.

Behind on House.
Behind on Merlin.
Late with my ficathon story.
But hey, I'm only 10 days away from my very own pet penguin!

Though it's Rock Band 2 that did me in last night. The Watchers are Giles on guitar, Wesley on drums, Spike doing lead vocals, and... well, Buffy on bass at the moment because I haven't created Xander yet. Buffy will get her own band, of course, named ... Huh. What should I name Buffy's band?

Giles is wearing the Professor jacket and the Roger Daltrey striped pants. And I'm afraid he needs to make the jump to Hard mode because he's been 99%-ing songs on first sight on Medium. Urk. Gonna get booed off the stage a bunch.
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Eee! The Watchers!

I think the name for Buffy's band depends on what kind of Buffy she is, and how old. You could sell me anything from Buffy and the Petunias (or maybe the Fuschias) to Buffy and the Stakes.
(Oh, and wrt Merlin, 10 was really disappointing in terms of facetime for Uther, and 11 was only somewhat better, so I think you're okay waiting until you can power through those for, I hope, some more Tony-riffic episodes.)
She's sort of a season 4 Buffy, based on hair style and color. I was thinking of calling it maybe just "Mister Pointy".
I totally need to re-do Wesley and then dress him properly. The kinds of scruffy looks you can get in the game aren't right for scruffy!Wes, so I think I'm going for starched-collar white-cuff Wesley.

Xander is gonna be easy. I had a nice pirate Xander in Rock Band 1.
I didn't see that, but that's pretty good. I've been reading a whole ton about the various versions of the Arthurian legends myself recently. While I think that dude gives the writers maybe more credit than they deserve, the point about how the changeup makes the story unpredictable is awesome.

Though the best tragedies are sometimes those where you know what the ending is, know it's going to happen, and are watching the characters' flaws drive the whole mess to its inevitable ending with unstoppable and horrifying energy. Which, um, might not be what the BBC wanted in a kid's program.

(Though, are we watching the tragedy of Uther? Or am I just too ASH-focused?)
Well, I'm watching the tragedy of Uther. Merlin's cute and all, but it seems like so much of the driving force right now is pointing out how Arthur's not Uther, so without Uther it loses some oomph...