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The dressing room is half the fun.

Behind on House.
Behind on Merlin.
Late with my ficathon story.
But hey, I'm only 10 days away from my very own pet penguin!

Though it's Rock Band 2 that did me in last night. The Watchers are Giles on guitar, Wesley on drums, Spike doing lead vocals, and... well, Buffy on bass at the moment because I haven't created Xander yet. Buffy will get her own band, of course, named ... Huh. What should I name Buffy's band?

Giles is wearing the Professor jacket and the Roger Daltrey striped pants. And I'm afraid he needs to make the jump to Hard mode because he's been 99%-ing songs on first sight on Medium. Urk. Gonna get booed off the stage a bunch.
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