Oh noes! a musical meme

Ten music taste questions. Questions after the cut; answers in a comment.

1. Most folks would categorize themselves as being varied in musical tastes (and why not? most of us really are), but if you could pick only one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
2. Name a song or a group that most people ridicule but you honestly believe shows an excellent level of musicality.
3. OK, now it's guilty pleasure time. Name a song or group you know is outright bad but you love anyway.
4. Are there any music genres you absolutely cannot stomach, not even one artist within that genre? If so, why?
5. Deserted island time. You have your iPod and headphones and an endless supply of juice for the electronics. You can create only one playlist with 10 songs. What's on it?
6. Best cover of all time?
7. Do you prefer studio versions, live tracks or acoustic? Why?
8. Fill in the blank: The largest musical influence in my life has been ___________.
9. Name an artist whose music you loved in another period of your life that you dislike now. What changed your feelings about the work?
10. Name the song you're most likely to sing along with at the top of your lungs when you're alone in your car.

Links optional.
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1. Would have to be rock, if only because so much can be jammed into the category. I'd get the Brian Eno and the Robyn Hitchcock.
2. Uh... the Monkees?
3. Erasure
4. Country is a mystery to me. Some subgenres of rap.

5. I love this question. Love it. Did the meme just for this one. It's more fun when you pick ten albums, but the original ten-songs version of the Desert Island Discs question forces you to make savage choices.

Brian Eno, "I'll come running"
Brian Eno, "Everything merges with the night"
Peter Gabriel, "The feeling begins"
Peter Gabriel, "Here comes the flood" (either version)
Robyn Hitchcock, "Airscape"
Robyn Hitchcock, "Autumn is your last chance"
Chicane, "Halcyon"
The Chemical Brothers, "The sunshine underground"
The Verve, "Bittersweet symphony"
Deeper than space, "Spaceship melody"

1:08 running time. Huh, only 72MB. That's small enough to put up as a download. Sshhh.

Textural, layered, sometimes harsh but never overwhelmingly so. Electronic sounds dominate. Only two conventional guitar solos in the lot, though one of them is the beautiful Fripp solo in "I'll come running".

Taste in music is such an odd thing, isn't it? How many of these have you heard? Having heard them once, how many of them do you want to listen to again? And this is music that I've loved deeply enough and for enough time to put it on the short list. When I listen to your list, I'll probably say, huh, okay, that one was interesting, next. Your brain is different from mine.

There are two other comments I have about this list. First, it's got nothing to do with what I'm listening to this week. "Here comes the flood" came up yesterday in the iTunes ever-revolving carousel of musical pleasure, and I bomped the next button. Didn't feel like having that particular emotional experience at that moment. Second, the list is quite different if I can pick 10 albums. No pieces from Global Communication's 76:14 show up on this list, yet I love the recording itself to bits. Ditto for Eno/Lanois, Apollo. Where's the Mozart? The Beethoven? Can't cram them in.

6. Hard one. The original has to be great, and the cover has to add something. There are so many candidates. Off the top of my head:
- Bang on a can's cover of all of Music for airports
- 801 Live, "Tomorrow never knows"
- The Beatles, "Twist and shout"
- the Byrds doing Dylan or Seeger
- Erasure, "Take a chance on me"
- John Coltrane, "My favorite things"
- Dave Edmunds, "Girls talk"
I'll go with the Erasure, for the sheer fun factor.

7. Weird question. Studio versions, I guess.
8. My ex BC, who introduced me to Brian Eno.
9. I keep thinking I should get sell all that Gustav Mahler, because I'm never going to listen to it again. Want it?
10. Heck, I do this way too much for the comfort of the people around me. Beatles, "Nowhere man" is the last song I did this really loud with. The Harrison guitar part is really easy to play, too. I'm a sucker for harmonics.